Accelerate Workflows,
from Sketch to Store.

We empower over 1,000 fashion and apparel companies as they navigate their path towards digital transformation.


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by Creation

Breaking down barriers between digital and physical,
the virtual and the actual.


Leverage a true-to-life digital prototype to produce infinite variations of your designs and instantly share them across your organization. 


Efficiently execute workflows and make well-informed decisions by conducting precise fit and style validation using a digital twin of the physical garment.


Maximize customer satisfaction and reduce returns by exhibiting collections digitally and obtaining customer feedback prior to production.


Present apparel collections through engaging 3D catalogs and virtual showrooms, while animating 3D salesman samples to capture all details and movements.


Generate a comprehensive production-ready tech pack that accounts for each physical and visual property of the garment.

Fewer Samples, Faster Decisions 

Virtual prototypes accurately represent real-life products, resulting in streamlined sampling and production processes. As a result, ideas are brought to the market quicker, while minimizing costs and waste at every stage of the process.

Gain Back
Your Time

With Browzwear's 3D fashion design software, you can leave the days of endless iterations behind and reach your market faster with the best selling product. The apparel digital twin gives you the power to visualize and validate every detail so that the first physical sample is the only sample.


Adaptable Solutions Catered to Your Business Needs

As the fashion industry continues to undergo a digital transformation, it is not just the garments that are getting a new look. As workflows become digital, the way in which teams work together changes as well.

Our Products

Browzwear transforms apparel workflows by facilitating the efficient creation of true-to-life 3D visualizations that can be shared and deployed throughout the value chain, resulting in end-to-end agility.

Stylezone enables you to build, review, align, and share seasonal collections anytime and anywhere.

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  • “Not only have we been able to shorten our apparel calendar by 2-months, but we have also managed to conduct business in a sustainable fashion and reduce the number of Salesman Samples by over 50%, a true benefit for us.”

  • “After two years of working with 3D, when we started to measure the number of samples that were reduced by moving to digital processes, we saw a 40% reduction in the children’s department.“

  • “As 3D offers an extremely detailed and visual representation of any garment, decisions concerning fit, styling and construction can be made at an increased pace. We don’t need to wait on a garment to be sewn for review, a fitting to take place or a style meeting to occur. Decisions can be made quickly and the result is a reduced development cycle time and a reduction in physical samples.”

  • “Shifting to a 3D solution like Browzwear goes beyond downloading software. In the end, it’s not only changing the way we do business, but it’s reshaping the entire industry over time.”

We Enable Apparel Companies
to Digitally Transform Their Business.