Say Hello to the VStitcher & Lotta 2021.3 Edition

As we strive to ensure that our users’ needs and expectations are constantly met and kept in line with the industry’s ever-evolving trends, we’re proud to be unveiling the VStitcher & Lotta 2021.3 Edition.  From UI upgrades to design-forward functions, the latest release brings our users an even more seamless and efficient design workflow. 

With the 2021.3 Edition comes the launch of a brand-new workspace that allows for reviewing multiple 3D  windows simultaneously. This new workspace enables users to view numerous avatars, snapshots, and sizes side-by-side and make all of the relevant adjustments in real-time to ensure the exact fit and grading of the garment. By doing so, designers can shave time off their workflow while reducing both costs and textile waste along the way. 

Browzwear users can also take advantage of seamless holes and slits creation, with the ability to easily create holes when working with garments such as bell skirts or looks with welt pockets. Slits can also be created in a few clicks, to create a variety of different looks.

Several new asset libraries have also been added, including the YKK eco-friendly zipper library, Permess interlinings, and the Coloro 3500 color library, facilitating accuracy from design all the way through to production.

This edition’s features and updates have been designed to take your current digital apparel workflows to the next level. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on the new edition! To see the new features in action, check out the 2021.3 webinar.

Read more about the release, or download the new edition to jump in and start your 3D CAD design workflow.