Dear customers,

We have recently discovered this company ( / ) to be in violation of our international trademark and also providing false information on their website on technology transfer.
After investigation, the website above is registered to a Wang Xiao Lin, and based on previous check on illegal use of our international trademark, this person is also known as Leo Wang.

Browzwear and Pragma DO NOT have any association with this company and they are not related to us in any aspect of business.

The trademark used has also been applied by the said company and person in violation of all our international trademark and IP, of which Browzwear have addressed opposition to the trademark organization in China.

Our legal team are in action on this matter already.
Please take note that this is not the Browzwear VStitcher or VStyler product and there are no technology transfer with this company or the said person.
This is not the company to purchase any of Browzwear’s VStitcher, VStyler or any of product.

Thank you for your kind attention.