Finally after a long journey (11 months to be exact), we are proud to announce Lotta 2.0 – the first Browzwear application developed for Mac OS.

Lotta 2.0 is a giant step forward in the process of adopting 3D design in the apparel industry.
This is what you all have been asking and waiting for and we are so excited that it’s finally here.

In addition to it being a native Mac OS application, Lotta 2.0 also comes with a long list of improvements which makes it an ideal tool for designers. In a nutshell, we have incorporated the bulk of designers’ feedback in improving user experience, performance and speed. Lotta 2.0’s revamped color management, new shaders and it being retina ready makes it a highly desirable top-end quality real time visualization tool.

Lotta 2.0 is currently in a Release Candidate Phase, being tested by a select group of users. If you are interested in taking Lotta 2.0 out for a test spin, just send request and we will send you an invitation. Send us your feedback on it so we can make it a better software.

Disclaimer: As there are limited number of invitations for trial, we ask that you not be disappointed if you did not receive an invitation.

The official release of Lotta 2.0 window and Mac OS is planned to be in February 2015. We are extremely excited about it and we look forward to hearing your feedback.