We are proud to present vStitcher 6.9 – the fruit of many months of intense, innovative development! By far the most advanced, fastest and effective vStitcher software we have launched to-date.

We have been concentrating on core simulation, making it more accurate and true to life and at the same time incorporated improvements to bring more unprecedented benefits to you.

6.9 benefits in a nutshell:

  • Better looking 3D garments. Thanks to better draping, we’ve eliminated cloth collision and improved color management
  • Faster garment creation.
  • Eased simulation that shows Simulation-in-motion.
  • Avatar improvements. Long awaited poses for merchandising and fitting is now possible!
  • Smoother, faster and more effective 3D visualization for adding/subtracting 2D patterns.
  • See amazing results in virtual fitting!
There is more…

vStitcher 6.9 is compatible with the latest Lotta 2.0 release. It has built-in tools to edit and complete styles designed with Lotta, seamlessly integrating digital designs with physical production.

vStitcher 6.9 is currently in a Release Candidate phase, being tested by a select group of users. If you have a valid license and are interested in taking vStitcher 6.9 out for a test spin, just send request and we will send you an invitation. Send us your feedback on it so we can make it a better software.

Disclaimer: As there are limited number of invitations for trial, we ask that you not be disappointed if you did not receive an invitation.

The official release of vStitcher 6.9 is planned to be in February 2015. We are extremely excited about it and we look forward to hearing from you.