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Talking about 3D for fashion

We were happy to answer some question regarding new 3d technologies available for fashion  design and manufacturing. The interview was published on fiber2fashion

Lotta Royal

Everyone is talking about Kate Middleton’s exquisite spring fashion taste, but no one have foresee another guest wearing the same Missoni coat at the same wedding, and so we decided to join the party and have our own version, made with Lotta.

It’s official… Spring 2014 is here!

Its that time of the year… time for the sun to come out, for optimism, flowers and fun. Its that spring spirit that inspired few of the best designers to come up with some special spring collection of gorgeous, happy, flower printed pants. And so, with our own version for spring virtual style… we wish […]

V-Stitcher 6.6 is here

We have been listening to you, fixing and improving. We want to thank everyone for all the interactions in 2013 which have allowed us to create better solutions for you. For the last 10 years, 3d remains pretty much a technical tool used by technical developers for Efficient & Productive apparel development. In the front […]

Predictive Analytics

Instead of using product past performance, store-orders or gut feelings, companies are now trying to predict the future, based on what is happening now. A weather change, a cultural event, a new box office hit or even social events can influence trends and consumption. But how will companies know in advance? Nowadays, its getting easier. […]

Demand-driven supply-chain management

What if retailers could predict winning trends and best selling items? How great could it be, if this information was available before setting the manufacturing quantities? Just imagine… Less waste, less returns, less end of year sales losses, more profit and most important happier customers, as they get what they want when they want it. […]

Aalto University and Nomo Jeans Use 3D Visualization for a Custom Fit

Jane Palmu is a lecturer at Finland’s Aalto University. She uses Browzwear’s vStitcher software to teach students the latest fashion development techniques. To demonstrate the value of 3D visualization in the business world, she went to the Nomo store at Helsinki Kamppi for a pair of made-to-measure jeans. At the store, after picking the cut […]

V-Stitcher Version 6.5 Released

We are excited to introduce Vstitcher 6.5! Only sixmonths have passed since our last major VS 6.0 release and we are ready to introduce another giant step forward with VS 6.5. VStitcher 6.5 is: More, Better, Faster!!! MORE means new garment categories,thanks to the new puffy fabric simulation, and even more garment types using our […]

VStitcher 6.5 is almost here…

Aren’t they gorgeous ?… In 6.5 we have come up with a mannequin ‘look’ to enhance the Avatar usage for marketing and merchandising purposes. We hope this will help you present your garments in the most appealing surroundings Watch this space, VStitcher 6.5 is coming this week to a PC near you!