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Visit us at TITAS Taiwan

We invite you to join us at Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (TITAS 2019) on October 7-9! TITAS 2019 presents the perfect opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in the world of textiles from industry leaders, who are addressing the current need for sustainable, smart and functional textiles. Familiarize yourself with technological solutions that […]

Visit us at PI Lake Maggiore

We invite you to visit us at PI Apparel Lake Maggiore on October 8-9! This is the perfect opportunity to update yourself on the latest technologies that are taking the fashion design industry to a new level. Become acquainted with the newest 3D software features and other innovations that will transform the way you work, […]

One-click blending for the true-to-life look

Do you spend countless hours on blending elements, aiming for a seamless look that is simply unattainable with the tools available to you?  Do you find that transitioning back and forth between Photoshop and VStitcher / Lotta, again and again and again, disrupts your creative flow?  Do you feel that technical limitations are cramping your […]

Join us at PI Apparel NY Supply Chain Forum

The PI Apparel Supply Chain Forum is just around the corner! As always, PI Apparel will bring you the latest on technological developments serving the fashion industry. Join us on September 17-18, 2019 in New York, to hear industry experts discuss the strategic opportunities that digital technology presents and its end-to-end potential. In this day […]

Harnessing the power of vector technology and placing it in your hands

Are you tired of seeing your vector-quality artwork being pixelated when you resize it?  Do you wish you didn’t have to tediously export to Adobe Illustrator to change even one single color? Does the design process then leave you frustrated and deflated, instead of elated? No more!  Browzwear is continuing to revolutionize digital fashion […]

How to Virtually Design Your Own Clothes

Have you ever dreamed of wearing one-of-a-kind clothes that truly reflect your inner self? Garments that physically match the image you have in your mind? Have you looked for technological solutions that would help you showcase your talent in fashion design? Solutions that would allow you to spend more time exploring where your creativity takes […]

Native Physically-based Rendering Brings State-of-the-Art Material Renderings to VStitcher and Lotta Users

In our last post, we introduced the new Colorways workspace. In this post, we’ll provide details about the new Physical-Based Rendering (PBR) material system integration for state-of-the-art material renderings. The new integration is native to VStitcher and Lotta and delivers more realistic ray-trace output, as well as real-time output in our 3D window.    PBR […]

Grouping and Locking and Hiding! Oh, My!

Just when you thought we couldn’t have done it better… We went ahead and tipped the scales. Some of our most exciting and useful enhancements from the April 2019 update of VStitcher and Lotta, are the upgraded features we incorporated into our Group, Lock and Hide tools. It’s everything you’ve known and loved about grouping, […]

Visit us at PI Apparel NY

Please join us at Product Innovation Apparel in New York on June 17-18; it will be a great opportunity to discover the technologies disrupting the fashion, apparel and footwear industry. At the event, you’ll learn about the latest developments in the industry, by some of the most progressive companies around the globe. Some of our […]