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Announcing VStitcher 7.9 and Lotta 3.9

To kick off a creative and productive new year, we are pleased to announce the release of VStitcher 7.9 and Lotta 3.9, which does not require a C2V licensing update. We listened to your feedback and suggestions and have worked hard to incorporate them into this release, where we’ve added several new features and improvements. […]

New Features Enhance User Experience in VStitcher 7.8 and Lotta 3.8

Team Browzwear is always working to ensure an efficient and enjoyable experience for anyone who uses our software. In the latest version, we introduced several UI enhancements for you to benefit from, including: Smart Guides You can now align elements to each other or to the parent bounding box, and snap to them. It’s possible […]

Folded Shirts to Upgrade Your Merchandising

As you’ve heard, VStitcher 7.8 and Lotta 3.8 are making it easier to close the gap on your end-to-end workflow. Another useful feature that has been added in this release is the ability to create Folded Shirt visualizations. To help perfect the design process, brands can easily create a 3D simulation of a folded shirt […]

Introducing Multi-Layered Material for Virtual Graphic Layers

The Browzwear team is pleased to introduce some exciting new features in the latest versions of Lotta and VStitcher. Among them, is the new Multi-Layered Material option which enables  you to split or stack multiple fabrics or seam textures for manipulation within Browzwear. Once created, the layers can be moved, rotated or scaled independently or […]


What’s new in VStitcher 7.8 and Lotta 3.8?

The Browzwear team has been working hard to improve your user experience and we’re pleased to announce the release of VStitcher 7.8 and Lotta 3.8. We added several new features and improvements that we know you will enjoy. Some of the most exciting new additions include: Multi-Layered Materials For all-over prints, melanges and complex stitches […]

Visit us at PI Apparel Berlin

Please join us at Product Innovation Apparel Berlin on October 26-27. It will be a great opportunity to discover the technologies disrupting the fashion, apparel and footwear industry. You’ll learn about the latest developments in the industry, like the Browzwear Open Platform, which is enabling brands to digitize their apparel workflow from end-to-end through the power of true-to-life 3D. Our […]

Digital Apparel Innovators, Browzwear and Alvanon, Announce Strategic Regional Partnership in Hong Kong and China

Singapore – Browzwear, provider of 3D solutions for apparel design, development and merchandising and Alvanon, the global apparel business expert,  announce a new strategic regional partnership to provide their combined expert offerings throughout Hong Kong and China. “We are excited to expand our partnership with Alvanon,” said Sharon Lim, CEO at Browzwear. “The joint offering of […]