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Adapting in Times of Uncertainty

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has shaken up the world, sending much of us into panic mode. People are confined to their homes, countries have closed their borders and many businesses are being greatly affected. As the global pandemic evolves, our daily lives are being impacted in one way or another. It is now […]

VStitcher and Lotta Update: Tech Pack Now Available in Excel Format

At Browzwear, we’re always striving to bring our customers the tools for a smooth and efficient workflow according to their specific needs. This involves updating our software with frequent fixes and new feature developments. Recently, we’ve received an increasing number of requests for a more customizable tech pack, and the use cases given by clients […]

Tchibo X JAK Academy 3D Design Challenge

In a recent Browzwear workshop in collaboration with Tchibo, one of Germany’s largest retail chains, fashion design students from JAK Fashion Academy had a unique opportunity to experience the apparel production process from start to finish in a short amount of time. Using VStitcher, the future fashion professionals saw just how the traditional manufacturing process […]

Browzwear Releases Enhanced Capabilities for 3D Visualization, Avatar Customization and More

January fashion design software release brings new tools and features to facilitate workflows from concept to commerce NEW YORK (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 06, 2020 Browzwear, a leader in 3D technology for the fashion industry, today announced the latest additions to its design and workflow solutions. The January update includes significant enhancements to Browzwear’s 3D visualization capabilities, giving designers and […]

Realistic 3-D Apparel Models Can Be Shared Anywhere Online Now

WWD on Browzwear’s collaboration with Sketchfab and the 3D Fashion Future At Browzwear, we are always developing features and integrating with partner technologies so we can enable the fashion industry to leverage 3D in as many ways as possible, at every step of the product life cycle. Our January update includes a number of exciting […]

Browzwear Collaborates with Sketchfab To Bring True-To-Life 3D Visualization to Any Web Platform

Power to view, interact with and present true-to-life 3D designs across applications opens new opportunities for sustainable, efficient fashion business operations NEW YORK, JANUARY 23, 2020 Browzwear, a global leader in 3D technology for the apparel industry, today announced the collaboration with Sketchfab, a leading online platform for displaying and sharing 3D content over the internet. […]

[Podcast] Tech Alone Can’t Save Us—Developing the New Necessary Mindset for Sustainability

Originally posted on Sourcing Journal  While sustainability may be a common thread throughout any conversation in the apparel business, the truth is that the industry has hamstrung itself thanks to years of poor, inefficient practices and a reliance on fast fashion. Now, all companies—from brands to manufactures to retailers—are struggling with nearly every aspect of sustainability, including […]

3D Apparel Design is the Fashion Industry’s X Factor

30 years ago, the thought of using computers to design and create clothes would have been ludicrous. Today, it is not only cutting edge but becoming essential knowledge for fashion designers and pattern makers entering or already a part of the industry.  Clothing companies are taking note and courses teaching 3D apparel design are becoming […]


Fashion’s Innovation Imperative

Article by Avihay Feld, published on Fashion Mannuscript Magazine In the fall of 2018, management consulting firm McKinsey & Company’s State of Fashion projected that 2019 would be a year of awakening for the industry. “The old rules simply don’t work,” they said. To thrive in the new paradigm, they advised, companies need to shift […]


YKK Partners with Browzwear 3D Design Solutions to Bring Digital Innovation to the Fashion Industry

The digital platform allows designers to create new designs incorporating YKK® fasteners and send error-free instructions to production, reducing waste and speeding time to market. NEW YORK, DECEMBER 10, 2019 – Browzwear and YKK Corporation today announced that YKK’s fastening products will be integrated with Browzwear’s pioneering 3D solutions for the fashion industry. The integration will enable designers […]