Co-founders Avihay Feld & Sharon Lim to lead as co-CEOs, with Feld focusing on pioneering products while Lim spearheads industry relations. 

Today we are happy to announce the adoption of a new collective leadership structure, a change that will better position the company to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment, anticipating and acting on customer and industry needs. Effective immediately, co-founders Sharon Lim and Avihay Feld will become co-CEOs of the company. Feld and Lim have a long history of working together to drive innovation, essentially inventing 3D solutions for fashion design based on their shared vision for a more economically and ecologically sustainable industry.

The new, shared leadership structure will amplify the strengths of each, enabling the company to speed technological innovation while also providing active leadership within an industry where digital transformation proves increasingly imperative. 

Avihay Feld, Co-Ceo at Browzwear

Avihay Feld

Feld, who Co-founded Browzwear and has been serving as CPO since 2012, is a product visionary who has been spearheading the creation of 3D-driven solutions for the fashion industry for 20 years. As co-CEO, he will build on his proven track record of executing major strategic and technical advancements to drive innovation in customer-centric products and services. Immediate plans include the creation of a platform that utilizes the 3D garment as a major element in the industry’s digital transformation and bringing more value to brands by conquering new frontiers such as e-commerce.  

Sharon Lim, Co-Ceo at Browzwear

Sharon Lim

As co-CEO, Lim, who has been CEO since 2012, will increase her interaction with stakeholder groups, grow the clients base in new geographies, expand strategic partnerships, establish a strong ecosystem, and spearhead the development of Browzwear’s enterprise business. She will continue to work directly with strategic partners, customers, and the industry to facilitate acceleration in digital transformation projects. 

“Now is a critical time for our industry, and in the current era of uncertainty, it’s important that businesses fight the impulse to freeze until the situation is resolved. Instead, they should embrace this temporary business disruption as an opportunity to prepare for a new, post-COVID world,” said Feld. “While we can’t predict what’s going to happen, we can be certain that Browzwear will be ready to support our industry, providing needed guidance as well as the next generation of solutions.”  

“Browzwear pioneered 3D for fashion design and also guided that path to widespread adoption of these technologies amongst some of the industry. Given the current global crisis and its devastating impact on many businesses, we believe it’s time we accelerate the partnerships to enhance the support for the industry to evolve faster in their digital transformation. This will allow the Enterprise to find new opportunities & operating models towards sustainability,” said Lim. “These changes in our leadership structure put us in an ideal position to drive a better future for fashion, one in which businesses can engage better with their customers and collaborate more seamlessly with each other as they develop and produce products.” 

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