Limitless use cases for a first-of-its-kind open solution includes e-commerce, virtual try-on, design iteration creation, sizing, digital asset management, and more.


Browzwear, a leader in 3D technology for the apparel industry, today announced the launch of its “Headless” End-to-End Apparel Automation Engine. This new solution enables organizations to use Browzwear’s pioneering 3D garment creation engine capabilities to power existing front-end applications and processes, to facilitate automation and support scale throughout the entire apparel production workflow.

The latest innovation from Browzwear, whose advanced technologies have been driving efficiency and sustainability in the apparel industry for over 20 years, builds on the integration-forward approach of the company’s Open Platform. Headless, a technology method in which the back-end is decoupled from the user interface side, enabling companies to develop customized solutions on top of Browzwear’s advanced technology to fit business and production needs.

Since the headless solution can be integrated with a host of technologies and automation functions, there are limitless internal and customer-facing use cases for the apparel industry such as: e-commerce, virtual try-ons, design iteration and creation, sizing, digital asset management, and more. To ensure the solution delivers on customers’ business goals, Browzwear will partner closely with each organization, and help educate and consult about optimized implementation to maximize the value impact.

Key benefits of the solution for integration and automation include:

  • Integrates with nearly any front-end application or framework
  • Can be Built into a private cloud setup enabling top optimization and max privacy
  • Can be customized to meet the specific needs of each organization
  • Speeds/streamlines processes
  • Facilitates demand and data-driven supply chain production
  • Optimized for unprecedented scale
  • Gives the power to incorporate automation throughout the product development lifecycle

Additionally, the Headless Engine frees employees from time-consuming and rote tasks so they can focus on their core competencies, from product conceptualization to final production, and even merchandising.

“With Headless, processes across the entire organization can be driven by script and code so they are completed automatically,” said Noam Nevo, Browzwear’s Co-Founder and CTO. “After implementing the technology on the back end, designers are empowered to do things such as instantly create an endless number of colorways and generate true-to-life 3D renderings that can be used for design and line review, merchandise planning and other GTM strategies such as e-commerce.”

“Improving sales tools and shopping experiences is another example of a capability, long since on the fashion industry’s wish list, that is made possible by headless,” added Avihay Feld, co-founder of Browzwear. “By making everything faster, more accurate, and seamlessly executable, the technology holds immense potential for new direct to consumer sales tools and shopping experience based solely on digital samples and an automated digital pipeline for the digital creation”

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