Browzwear North America is Growing and Welcomes a New Management Team

We’re excited to announce a major expansion of sales, support and services at Browzwear North America.  The US market is rapidly discovering the potential of 3D fashion technology and we are looking forward to helping both our long-term and new customers to transform the way they design, manufacture and market their products.


The new operation will be led by Browzwear’s co-founder Sharon Lim, a veteran in 3D digitization of the apparel workflow. Sharon has been working in the fashion industry for nearly two decades and established our professional services teams in Europe and Asia. She has worked closely with many leading retailers  to implement an end-to-end digital product lifecycle for over 13 years.   With her guidance, our US customers can manage change and ensure a smooth transition to 3D.

Sharon will be joined by Lenny Weiss, VP Sales, and Cara Babcock, Field Application & Product Support Manager. Lenny joins us from our partner Gerber Technology, where he was head of sales for YuniquePLM. During his career selling digital manufacturing solutions to the apparel industry, he gained an in-depth understanding of the product life cycle and came to believe in the  importance of 3D for realizing an end-to-end digital solution. His experience will be a tremendous asset to our customers.

Cara joins us after nearly a decade at Nike, where she served as a Technical Developer and 3D Lead. At Nike she used 3D technology for product creation enhancement in her roles as both a technical developer and 3D lead, so she is ready to collaborate with our customers to understand their requirements.  Cara will be working with Sharon to replicate the success of our professional services teams in Europe and Asia so that our North American customers can also hit the ground running.

After a year and a half at Browzwear, Darioush Nikpour is leaving his position as Vice President of Business Development to move to Digital Supply Chain in the industry.  We wish him all the best in this endeavour, however we look forward to many years of fruitful collaboration with him in his new role.

In addition, we are committed to our growing network of technology partners in the US and to our strategy of opening up our platform to other members of the fashion ecosystem. Together, we can provide greater value to our customers and enable them to fully implement a 3D digital product lifecycle.

Over the next few weeks, we will be following up with posts from Sharon, Cara and Lenny so that you can get to know us better. For more information about Browzwear, please contact us at