Browzwear would like to announce that co-founders Avihay Feld and Noam Nevo have re-joined the company. The return of the dynamic duo marks the start of a new and exciting chapter for the company.

Upon leaving Browzwear in 2007, Avihay moved on to become the COO of Aniboom, the first online collaborative animation studio.

Noam was the VP of R&D for IncrediMail, a successful public company providing email platform to over 100 million users.

In 2010 they teamed up again to establish Zizio, a dynamic company that focuses on connecting the two giant spaces of social network and e-commerce, generating business for more than 5700+ online retailers as of today.

The experience gathered in these past endeavours is invaluable for the road ahead for Browzwear.

We welcome back Avihay & Noam to the family!

Browzwear Solutions Pte Ltd.