As we continue to live through these unprecedented times, an increasing number of apparel brands are shifting even more focus to accelerating their efforts in 3D as a way to maximize efficiency. These apparel brands are seeking to scale-up on all things digital and require experienced 3D users to achieve this quickly and effectively as the seasonal calendar continues to move forward. 

To support these companies’ efforts in moving full speed ahead on their digital journeys and increase the involvement of 3D across their collection cycles, we recently launched the Browzwear Professional Guild. This growing platform, consisting of a broad spectrum of Browzwear professionals, allows brands to connect and collaborate with 3D apparel experts across the globe. Each member of the Guild has been vetted by our team and can be contacted directly by our customers through the Stylezone portfolio page, where each member’s profile can be viewed. 

Amongst all of the members, each has their own unique combination of technology and employment experience, specializing in a variety of fields such as pattern making, fashion design, 3D rendering, and graphic design.

We believe that talented individuals are the driving force behind the fashion industry’s inevitable digital transformation and have the ability to provide both the work and momentum during this critical time. By having an accessible team of experts at hand, we hope that more apparel brands will be able to increase the influence of 3D within their organizations and enjoy faster and more streamlined workflows. 

We are very much looking forward to seeing the progress and creativity that this collaboration brings as we continue to grow the Guild professional hub.


If you are a professional Browzwear user and you’d like to join the Guild, start the process with us here:


In a new era of eCommerce, online retailers have seen a rising level of demand by consumers for a more personalized and customizable shopping experience. This has opened windows of opportunity for different companies to launch virtual fitting rooms and various other solutions with the aim to enable consumers to confidently purchase clothes online, without having to worry about the garments not fitting upon arrival. However, when it comes to accuracy, it has become evident that despite many attempts, this concept is rather difficult to achieve when catering to such a broad audience. Naturally, the idea of virtual fittings has often been received by consumers with a high level of skepticism. 

The partnership between Browzwear and meepl was established to address the needs of both retailers and brands selling online to tailor to their consumer’s demands and enhance the online consumer experience as well as solidify buyer confidence. 

meepl’s technology brings a fresh approach to virtual fittings through their advanced algorithm that works to combine the retailer’s 3D garment database with the exact body measurements of the user. Through machine learning and 3D body scanning, the garment can be adapted and fitted in a matter of milliseconds, creating an interactive visual fit experience.

By seamlessly integrating meepl with VStitcher, garments can be made-to-measure with a true-to-life level of precision. As accuracy is key, meepl utilizes Browzwear’s simulation results that are then extracted from VStitcher, ensuring that the garments will be an exact representation of the physical version. It is crucial to be able to visualize exactly how the materials used will stretch and drape over different body shapes and sizes to avoid any fit errors that could typically occur throughout the process. 

With the consumer in mind, after their measurements are recorded via a user-friendly app, any eCommerce website that uses meepl, will automatically load the exact sizing to the fit of the garments, without having to re-input measurements. This way, any outfit can be seen on a 3D avatar that is an exact representation of the customer’s size.

By having an accurately fitted personal avatar, consumers can take advantage of a personalized online shopping experience as an alternative to visiting the physical store. In fact, considering recent global circumstances, this has shown to be an increasingly significant tool for both brands, retailers and consumers.  

Several brands and retailers that develop their apparel with Browzwear that have begun the POC with meepl have experienced positive results, and will soon bring the customer-facing solution to their eCommerce platforms.

Learn more about meepl on our Partners page

When the pandemic hit globally, like many other companies, we found that no one is immune to its spiraling economic effects, but some are more prepared than others which has been shown in their performance. The importance of a contingency plan comes at the business level but is also significant on a personal level. Each person needs to assess their own situation and identify what can be done to prepare for both the near and far future. 

As the industry continues to best mitigate these challenging circumstances, we have seen a dramatic rise in the demand for 3D true-to-life prototyping, going beyond just being marketing and visualization tools. These digital tools are essential throughout the entire product creation process to practically eliminate the traditional dependency on physical samples. Therefore, proficiency in 3D is soon becoming more of an expectation across the board as opposed to an additional specialized skill. Through our Indie program, we wish to open the doors for talented designers to acquire all the knowledge and expertise needed. 

Although our next Indie project was planned for August 2020, we recognized that the time to act and support the industry is now. Therefore, we soon set out to prepare the ground for our new learners and launched the Indie 2020 program a month later, admitting the first 80 individuals. These independents come from various fields across the fashion industry, but are mostly designers and pattern makers looking to venture into the next generation of apparel creation – 3D. 

We hope that after completing the course, each designer will have grasped all the skills needed to continue their journey and pursue their careers in the direction that the industry is headed. We also look forward to seeing them as part of our professional Guild, a new group currently formed that will be visible to apparel companies as they are looking for skilled Browzwear users. As fashion brands begin to accelerate their efforts in innovation, 3D designers will be a significant force in enabling this change to move forward.

What does the Indie program provide?

  • A VStitcher cloud license 
  • Access to Browzwear University, recently launched, this on-demand learning platform enables new users to learn the foundations for VStitcher 
  • V-Ray rendering license, complementary of our friends at Chaos Group that understands the need to support the industry and empower 3D apparel designers with best-in-class results
  • Access to Stylezone, Browzwear’s showcasing platform for 3D prototypes 

We’re looking forward to seeing more designers release their apparel 3D prototypes and bring their concepts to virtual life without the limitations of time and place. 

Want to join our next Indie program? Don’t hesitate and sign up here

Co-founders Avihay Feld & Sharon Lim to lead as co-CEOs, with Feld focusing on pioneering products while Lim spearheads industry relations. 

Today we are happy to announce the adoption of a new collective leadership structure, a change that will better position the company to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment, anticipating and acting on customer and industry needs. Effective immediately, co-founders Sharon Lim and Avihay Feld will become co-CEOs of the company. Feld and Lim have a long history of working together to drive innovation, essentially inventing 3D solutions for fashion design based on their shared vision for a more economically and ecologically sustainable industry.

The new, shared leadership structure will amplify the strengths of each, enabling the company to speed technological innovation while also providing active leadership within an industry where digital transformation proves increasingly imperative. 

Avihay Feld, Co-Ceo at Browzwear

Avihay Feld

Feld, who Co-founded Browzwear and has been serving as CPO since 2012, is a product visionary who has been spearheading the creation of 3D-driven solutions for the fashion industry for 20 years. As co-CEO, he will build on his proven track record of executing major strategic and technical advancements to drive innovation in customer-centric products and services. Immediate plans include the creation of a platform that utilizes the 3D garment as a major element in the industry’s digital transformation and bringing more value to brands by conquering new frontiers such as e-commerce.  

Sharon Lim, Co-Ceo at Browzwear

Sharon Lim

As co-CEO, Lim, who has been CEO since 2012, will increase her interaction with stakeholder groups, grow the clients base in new geographies, expand strategic partnerships, establish a strong ecosystem, and spearhead the development of Browzwear’s enterprise business. She will continue to work directly with strategic partners, customers, and the industry to facilitate acceleration in digital transformation projects. 

“Now is a critical time for our industry, and in the current era of uncertainty, it’s important that businesses fight the impulse to freeze until the situation is resolved. Instead, they should embrace this temporary business disruption as an opportunity to prepare for a new, post-COVID world,” said Feld. “While we can’t predict what’s going to happen, we can be certain that Browzwear will be ready to support our industry, providing needed guidance as well as the next generation of solutions.”  

“Browzwear pioneered 3D for fashion design and also guided that path to widespread adoption of these technologies amongst some of the industry. Given the current global crisis and its devastating impact on many businesses, we believe it’s time we accelerate the partnerships to enhance the support for the industry to evolve faster in their digital transformation. This will allow the Enterprise to find new opportunities & operating models towards sustainability,” said Lim. “These changes in our leadership structure put us in an ideal position to drive a better future for fashion, one in which businesses can engage better with their customers and collaborate more seamlessly with each other as they develop and produce products.” 

For any questions please contact your Browzwear representative or write us