Everyone is talking about Kate Middleton’s exquisite spring fashion taste, but no one have foresee another guest wearing the same Missoni coat at the same wedding, and so we decided to join the party and have our own version, made with Lotta.

Kate Middleton Missoni Coat

Its that time of the year… time for the sun to come out, for optimism, flowers and fun.
Its that spring spirit that inspired few of the best designers to come up with some special spring collection of gorgeous, happy, flower printed pants.
And so, with our own version for spring virtual style…

Browzwear Spring Design
we wish you all a happy, optimistic and flourishing springtime!

Happy holidays from Browzwear and Pragma team

Predictive Analytics

Instead of using product past performance, store-orders or gut feelings, companies are now trying to predict the future, based on what is happening now.

A weather change, a cultural event, a new box office hit or even social events can influence trends and consumption. But how will companies know in advance?

Nowadays, its getting easier. Perhaps the most accurate indicators of consumer opinion and behavior, in real time, are the posts in social media. Furthermore, segmented information from Club cards can provide data about purchasing habits while online e-commerce can help in predicting sales in stores.

According to the Mckinsey article, in the Predictive Analytics section, analysis of such data can lead businesses to bypass competitors by making the right moves, first.

A virtual prototype made with Vstitcher

What if retailers could predict winning trends and best selling items?

How great could it be, if this information was available before setting the manufacturing quantities?

Just imagine… Less waste, less returns, less end of year sales losses, more profit and most important happier customers, as they get what they want when they want it.

What seems to be the beginning of the apparel industry evolution has become feasible due to a huge leap in Virtualization technologies made in the last 2 years, read more about the vision of Demand-driven supply-chain elaborated well by Mckinsey.


Jane Palmu is a lecturer at Finland’s Aalto University. She uses Browzwear’s vStitcher software to teach
students the latest fashion development techniques. To demonstrate the value of 3D visualization in the
business world, she went to the Nomo store at Helsinki Kamppi for a pair of made-to-measure jeans.

At the store, after picking the cut and design she wanted, Jane had a full-body 3D scan. Nomo uses the
scan to make the jeans. But first, Jane asked them to send her the scan file along with the pattern of the
cut that she had selected. She imported the body scan into VStitcher, selected the fabric and created
a 3D simulation of the Nomo jeans pattern over her own 3D body.

Together with pattern-maker Pirjo Elbrecht, Jane used VStitcher to see how she would look in her new jeans. And she looked great!

Next, the actual jeans were manufactured based on the measurements from the body scan.

3D virtual prototype garment

Nomo Jean pattern vs virtual prototype

Thanks to the cooperation between Aalto University and Nomo Jeans, both the fashion brand and the“The results are amazing! They fit me perfectly, just like the 3D simulation!” reports Jane.

3D virtual prototype garment

Nomo Jean pattern vs virtual prototype – back view

3D virtual prototype garment

Nomo Jean pattern vs virtual prototype – side view

Thanks to the cooperation between Aalto University and Nomo Jeans, both the fashion brand and the
university have seen the value of 3D simulation for the fashion development process.
Nomo Jeans saw how visualization could bring their custom-made jeans to life for their customers and enable them to
test different patterns on a real body. The University wants to enable more students to experience 3D visualization and to expand the
collaboration with Nomo Jeans.


Its another sneak peak to Vstitcher 6.5 and its our favorite!

With Image Base Lighting VStitcher real time render have made another huge leap.
Image based lighting is a 3D rendering technique which allows to light a scene with highly detailed real-world lighting.
VS users can now use HDRi images – (high dynamic range imaging) to illuminate the scene and reach unprecedented realism.

The results are stunning, see for yourself:

3D garments, with IBL - HDRi

  Material with different specular attributes using IBL (HDRi) on VS 6.5 release

Look closely at the image above, it shows 3 materials with different specular behavior, dim, sharper and full reflective. The hi quality representation is possible thanks to VS 6.5 improved render capabilities and IBL!


3D garment lit IBL-HDRi feature VS 6.5

Texture enhanced by IBL-HDRi, feature VS 6.5

In the image above we utilize Image Based Lighting to generate many light sources which brings the best out of the garment!

And there is more…

We provide few HDRi images with vStitcher 6.5, however, you may load other HDRi images, control the exposure and change the orientation in VS 6.5 to get your own special set of lights.

The future is happening now!

Important: the images in this post are rendered with VStitcher! No external render engine was used.

As promised in previous sneak peak, more is coming in Vstitcher 6.5, and its no less than amazing!

VS 6.5 users can now finally prototype filled or puffed garments. The virtues of prototype cost reduction, are now applied to the widest range or garments to date.

The VS 6.5 quality of padded simulation, and it’s ability of reaching infinite filling types is unprecedented.

The algorithm we have developed especially to enable this, is by far, the most advanced of its kind.

3D virtual garment VS 6.5

Same 2D cad patterns with different puff levels

3D virtual garment, Puffy jacket VS 6.5

Puffy jacket colorways VS 6.5

In the Photos:

  1. Different filling types on the same 2D CAD patterns.
  2. Visualization of different colorways for padded garments, easily applied with VS 6.5

Stay tuned for more great stuff…

Exciting news! Vstitcher 6.5 is coming…

Less than 6 month away from 6.0 release and 6.5 is here.

Thanks to Browzwear’s legendary team, 6.5 VS release is a blast!

3D Object in Apparel simulation

New feature in V.S 6.5

A huge step forward, on all levels.
Bottom line – Vstitcher users can do more, and do it better and faster with 6.5!
It takes less time, less resources, and much more fun.

3D Object in Apparel simulation

New Feature in V.S 6.5

In the pictures:

VS 6.5 – 3D trim geometry integrated with our garment simulation, to achieve super realistic garment representation and behavior.

Stay tuned to more 6.5 sneak previews coming soon…








Hello Partners,

As part of our acquisition plan to make Browzwear a technology company that listens to our users, we are happy to have Ms. Joy Foo join the Browzwear family as our Product Manager working with the R&D team to understand the V-Stitcher users.

Her last 5 years of experience as Pragma’s Senior Technical Support & Training for V-Stitcher, will greatly enhance this commitment to bring a better tool to you in the coming months.

We seek your continuous support to Joy in this new role.


Browzwear Solutions Pte Ltd






收购计划的一部分是促使Browzwear为一家能倾听我们的用户的科技公司。我们很高兴地通知您,Pragma其中一位培训师Joy Foo已加入Browzwear担任产品经理,协助软件研发团队更好地提升软件功能。






Browzwear Solutions Pte Ltd


Released January 2012

Browzwear version 4.9 introduces Unicode support, allowing the use of any language, new interoperability features , simulation improvements, improved avatars  and more.

What’s new in version 4.9:

Simulation improvements
  1. Fixed holes
  2. Improved clusters symmetry
  3. Speed improvement



Unicode support is now overall. This permits the use of non western European characters  in many areas such as :

  • File names (VSGX, VSP, VSA,  images, 3D output)
  • Folder names
  • Color ways, fabrics, edge textures and attachments  names
  • 3D notes, custom camera positions, 3D measuring tapes
  • Avatars and more…
Added support for ASTM DXF format

It is now possible to import and export pattern files in ASTM format. ASTM is more advanced and robust than the older AAMA

Apply fabric changes to all color ways

A button in the fabric properties dialog box allows applying physical properties changes to the same fabric in all existing color ways. This saves the repeated manual updating of all color ways one by one.

3D Export enhancements

In addition to the existing  FBX and 3DS formats , export 3D also to:

  • OBJ
  • DAE
  • DXF
Baby avatar new body part

A new body part was added under Body Shaping: Crotch

This body part is most useful when fitting tight panties or swimwear

Baby Crotch body part

Released July 2011

Browzwear version 4.85 introduces an advanced licensing system, streamlined work process and an updated garment library including new garment types.

What’s new in version 4.85:

New and Advanced Licensing system

In order to allow full 64 bits compatibility as well as new and advanced licensing options, we are upgrading our licensing system to the Aladdin/Safenet Sentinel HASP.

This system is easier to use and to update.

Preparing for the new license system
  • All preparations for the new system can be carried out prior the installation of version 4.85
  • The new system will not interfere in any way with current or older versions used
  • All the details are available in the document provided by Browzwear

Streamline the work process options

Outfit enhancements

Two enhancements were added to the outfit process

  • Garment related avatar added to outfit map

It is now possible to summon any of the avatars related to the different garment s included in the outfit. This can be done at any time after the outfit has been created.

  • Apply button added to outfit map

This allows switching color ways without closing the outfit map to view each change as in the previous version.  Mixing & matching or exploring the many color combinations can be viewed more easily.

DPI enhancement

As requested by many, version 4.85 recognizes the DPI value embedded in images and applies it automatically to the image properties in VStitcher. This saves the manual DPI assignment which was required for most images.

Ignore sizes mechanism on by default

No need for the manual action in the Garment Map.

Updated garment library
4.85 news image

An updated garment library is now available
  • The garments are all updated to the latest simulation
  • New garments added
  • Several new outfits are also available