We have been listening to you, fixing and improving.

We want to thank everyone for all the interactions in 2013 which have allowed us to create better solutions for you.
For the last 10 years, 3d remains pretty much a technical tool used by technical developers for Efficient & Productive apparel development.
In the front end, there is a growing demand for 3d apparel for use in E-commerce, marketing & digital cataloging, fueled by smart devices & greater visualization technology such as 3d printing etc…
3D virtual model challenges reality… It’s been exciting for us to pioneer & grow with the industry these last 13 years.

A designer said this (early 2012) which stuck to us

“ I would love to have a solution that can take what’s on my head and make it real so others can see it”

and with that quote, we went away inspired to create a 3d design tool (Lotta) for designers which we hope will accomplish this challenging goal.

Evolving Fast
We are a distance away from the above quote but in Lotta (We name it after an inspiring designer) we developed a solution with creativity & fun in mind.
Lotta’s seamless integration with Adobe applications (most used by designers) allows designers a familiar user experience to create 3D.
Lotta 1.0 launched in Dec of 2013, was created with the help of innovative apparel designers and we are evolving fast, Lotta 1.1 is already here.
In V-Stitcher 6.6, we took inspiration to reality by making the 3D design from Lotta compatible with V-Stitcher so that creative 3d design can be interpreted immediately for technical product development…. So with fun & creativity, we added efficiency & productivity.

Coming Soon…
There’s a new birth in Browzwear. Stay tuned as we will notify you when our baby is delivered.
Meantime, we invite you to our social pages and the team would love to hear from you there, Especially when you “like” us, it really fuels us.

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We are excited to introduce Vstitcher 6.5!

Only sixmonths have passed since our last major VS 6.0 release and we are ready to introduce another giant step forward with VS 6.5.

VStitcher 6.5 is: More, Better, Faster!!!

MORE means new garment categories,thanks to the new puffy fabric simulation, and even
more garment types using our new 3D rigid trims.
More is also about a whole new selection of extreme poses within imported Avatars, made possible with our auto‐bones detection algorithm.

BETTER means dramatically improved realism achieved with Image Based Lighting‐HDRi, plus the use of real 3D objects such as buttons, buckles,zippers, etc.

FASTER means 30% less time to create or modify a 3D garment, thanks to 3 key improvements – UI, Snapshots and Simulation Optimization.
We have managed to add lots of new and necessary functions to VS 6.5 and at the same time simplify the UI – an extremely challenging mission, no doubt, but that should come as no
surprise to you, after 6.0. A good user experience is with in the culture of Browzwear!
We are true believers in great technology but even more so in intuitive, easy to use and fun interface.

Many other new features and improvements in VS 6.5 awaits you so do take the time to get acquainted with them through this bulletin. Sign up for our upcoming webinars where we’ll take you on a guided tutorial on specific functions that interests you.

Wait, there is more – Communication!
We have added a communication module which enables you to seamlessly communicate your rich 3D results achieved through VS 6.5 with anyone anywhere.
This is still on trial but we encourage you to try it out now. Just follow the ‘Share’ button in VS 6.5.

We hope you will find VS 6.5 to be more intuitively effective and most importantly, FUN.

Aren’t they gorgeous ?…

Browzwear Avatar

In 6.5 we have come up with a mannequin ‘look’ to enhance the Avatar usage for marketing and merchandising purposes.
We hope this will help you present your garments in the most appealing surroundings

Watch this space, VStitcher 6.5 is coming this week to a PC near you!

Dear customers,

We have recently discovered this company (www.vs-3d.com / ) to be in violation of our international trademark and also providing false information on their website on technology transfer.
After investigation, the website above is registered to a Wang Xiao Lin, and based on previous check on illegal use of our international trademark, this person is also known as Leo Wang.

Browzwear and Pragma DO NOT have any association with this company and they are not related to us in any aspect of business.

The trademark used has also been applied by the said company and person in violation of all our international trademark and IP, of which Browzwear have addressed opposition to the trademark organization in China.

Our legal team are in action on this matter already.
Please take note that this is not the Browzwear VStitcher or VStyler product and there are no technology transfer with this company or the said person.
This is not the company to purchase any of Browzwear’s VStitcher, VStyler or any of product.

Thank you for your kind attention.

‘Tis the season to be jolly! To celebrate the wonderful new year, Browzwear is presenting the best gift you’ll ever receive—–Vstitcher 6.0!

6.0 marks the beginning of a brand new era for Vstitcher. We have spent the past 8 months making radical changes that now enables Vstitcher to run faster with an increased capacity to handle complex designs and the ever increasing demands of the apparel world.

These changes also allows Vstitcher to interact seamlessly with other 3D tools and applications in the market, thus allowing you to create and innovate more!

We would love to hear from you! Contact us at sales@picsoln.com

V-Stitcher 4.96 on Prezi

Let creativity flow with V-Stitcher 4.96.
It has never been this easy. Go on, try it and let us know what you think.


Need to navigate during simulation?
You got to try it to believe it.

Need to change fabric physics or grid after simulation?
You don’t have to start from the beginning.


Achieve your desired drapes and styles in a shorter time with simulation version 47 and continuous simulation tools.


“If it ain’t simple, it ain’t good. Period.” We’ve simplified the simulation toolbar to make it easy to use. New to V-Stitcher? Stitch and preview simultaneously in 3D.


Object-sensitive right click immediately brings you to your most commonly used functions.

让 V-Stitcher 4.96增加你的创意流程.





在模拟时需要浏览吗?  你要尝试才会相信。  模拟后需要改善布料特性或版型网格吗?  别急,在我们新版本里改了, 不用从新再模拟3D样衣。省了好多时间!


“If it ain’t simple, it ain’t good. Period.” “简单就是好” 我们简化了模拟工具栏。对 V-Stitcher工具不熟吗? 别怕!我们现在能在 3D窗里缝合,同时可以预览效果。



What’s New

Batch Rendering

Instead of exporting .FBX and 2D images one at a time, you have an option in VS 4.95 to export for all colorways in 1 click. In addition, you may choose to save the lighting position as well. Learn more


VS 4.95 now provides a choice of 3 different avatar resolution to achieve a better geometry quality when required. We have also added a crotch modifier for Adam and Baby2, as well as a chest volume option for Deborah. Learn more

Full screen mode

Double-click on the 3D window and you maximize it. Learn more

What’s Improved

Simulation version 45

Problems with tight fitted garments and collisions are reduced. Learn More

Movement of textures in 3D

In VS 4.95, there is now better control in the 3D movement of textures.


VS 4.95 now responds to shortcut and handles multiple colorways faster.

Color Library

VS 4.95 saves the .aco color pallet in the application instead of the garment.

Finish Option

We reckon that the default finish option selection should change to increase efficiency. Let us know if it’s a ‘nah’ or ‘yeah’.

Flash Output

The image quality of the flash output is now improved by leaps and bounds. Learn more.

Zoom control in 2D window

When you use the mouse wheel to zoom in 2D window, the area around the mouse arrow will be the focus.

What’s Fixed/Removed

Simulation version

Simulation versions older than 39 is no longer supported in VS 4.95.

Visible lines on attachments

In VS 4.95, there’re no more visible lines on the attachments when they are cropped to their borders.

Missing attachment in 3D navigation

The attachment doesn’t disappear when you try to move it in 3D.

Attachment location used as attachment name

The name of the attachment is the name of the texture in VS4.95.


We removed the velcro function. Let us know if it’s devastating news for you.

Change in command bar location after changing language

The command bar stay put despite language change

Selection of image in browse file window

Selection of image is now working normally again.

Application crash in cloned colorway

Change of pallet for a cloned colorway when a garment is simulated will cause the application to shut down. This is now resolved in VS 4.95.

Fast Converter

The application is working in VS 4.95.

Browzwear would like to announce that co-founders Avihay Feld and Noam Nevo have re-joined the company. The return of the dynamic duo marks the start of a new and exciting chapter for the company.

Upon leaving Browzwear in 2007, Avihay moved on to become the COO of Aniboom, the first online collaborative animation studio.

Noam was the VP of R&D for IncrediMail, a successful public company providing email platform to over 100 million users.

In 2010 they teamed up again to establish Zizio, a dynamic company that focuses on connecting the two giant spaces of social network and e-commerce, generating business for more than 5700+ online retailers as of today.

The experience gathered in these past endeavours is invaluable for the road ahead for Browzwear.

We welcome back Avihay & Noam to the family!

Browzwear Solutions Pte Ltd.

Dear Partners,

Happy New Year!

As part of its commitment to innovating the apparel industry through the adoption of 3D simulation, Browzwear is pleased to announce a strategic change to the company.

With effect from January 15, 2012, Browzwear Limited has been acquired by Browzwear Solutions Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based company.

Browzwear Solutions is headed by Ms Sharon Lim. Many of you are familiar with Sharon, who is also the Managing Director of Pragma Solutions which has been our Distributor and technical support center  in Asia for the past 8 years.

Sharon has over 10 years of experience in the apparel industry, and has worked with leading brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, with exposure in Latin America as well as Asia.

Browzwear has established a strong partnership with Sharon since its early days due to her vision and passion for 3D technology. With her expertise and commitment, Browzwear’s business in Asia has expanded exponentially and has been adopted by many leading brands.

Browzwear Solutions will manage the Browzwear R&D center in Israel where its pool of talent will ensure continuous innovation to the product suites for our growing market.

Browzwear Solutions has also appointed Pragma Solutions as its Global Distributor with effect from 15 January 2012. Pragma Solutions’ professional support center will continue to handle all customer service and technical support for the Browzwear suite of products.

We strongly believe that this strategic alliance will enable us to bring about further 3D innovations that will make a positive impact on the industry and meet its growing challenges.

For further queries on this announcement, please contact by email :

Browzwear Solutions Pte Ltd :  Sharon Lim  at sharon@seir.im (contact +65 97800469)
Pragma Solutions Pte Ltd : Lena Lim at  : lena.lim@picsoln.com (contact +65 91730139)

Thank you very much.