When the pandemic hit globally, like many other companies, we found that no one is immune to its spiraling economic effects, but some are more prepared than others which has been shown in their performance. The importance of a contingency plan comes at the business level but is also significant on a personal level. Each person needs to assess their own situation and identify what can be done to prepare for both the near and far future. 

As the industry continues to best mitigate these challenging circumstances, we have seen a dramatic rise in the demand for 3D true-to-life prototyping, going beyond just being marketing and visualization tools. These digital tools are essential throughout the entire product creation process to practically eliminate the traditional dependency on physical samples. Therefore, proficiency in 3D is soon becoming more of an expectation across the board as opposed to an additional specialized skill. Through our Indie program, we wish to open the doors for talented designers to acquire all the knowledge and expertise needed. 

Although our next Indie project was planned for August 2020, we recognized that the time to act and support the industry is now. Therefore, we soon set out to prepare the ground for our new learners and launched the Indie 2020 program a month later, admitting the first 80 individuals. These independents come from various fields across the fashion industry, but are mostly designers and pattern makers looking to venture into the next generation of apparel creation – 3D. 

We hope that after completing the course, each designer will have grasped all the skills needed to continue their journey and pursue their careers in the direction that the industry is headed. We also look forward to seeing them as part of our professional Guild, a new group currently formed that will be visible to apparel companies as they are looking for skilled Browzwear users. As fashion brands begin to accelerate their efforts in innovation, 3D designers will be a significant force in enabling this change to move forward.

What does the Indie program provide?

  • A VStitcher cloud license 
  • Access to Browzwear University, recently launched, this on-demand learning platform enables new users to learn the foundations for VStitcher 
  • V-Ray rendering license, complementary of our friends at Chaos Group that understands the need to support the industry and empower 3D apparel designers with best-in-class results
  • Access to Stylezone, Browzwear’s showcasing platform for 3D prototypes 

We’re looking forward to seeing more designers release their apparel 3D prototypes and bring their concepts to virtual life without the limitations of time and place. 

Want to join our next Indie program? Don’t hesitate and sign up here