Assignment for Browzwear Guild Candidates:

Fashion Designer

Transform this midi dress to create a fashionable 2 piece outfit

1. Create a simple mood board to showcase what inspired your design

2. The structure of your design needs to include the following steps:

  • Transform this basic midi dress into a 2 piece outfit
  • Change the neckline
  • Change the sleeve length and its design according to the mood-board
  • Use cut marks as part of your design (keep one version uncut and slice the second)
  • You may use any fabric you wish

3. Choose two out of four of the following artwork elements in your design:

  • Add a vector all-over print
  • Use placement print as a cross pattern artwork
  • Add an artwork to your design as well as adding an effect from our Substance library
  • Create a multilayer fabric, ensure that you use 3 layers of print/texture/fabric

4. Once you have completed your design, include the following trims and assets:

  • Create an inside tag
  • Create 3 Colorways
  • Add shoes to the avatar

5. Rendering:

  • Render with the Avatar
  • Render without the Avatar as a clean schematic render
  • Showcase design with an environment background image (HDRI) you imported to VStitcher.

Please submit the BW file, and rendered images, along with a pdf, jpg, or png file of your mood-board to

Best of luck!