Every few months we run an Indie project to give fashion designers and pattern makers the opportunity to learn and experience Browzwear’s software. The project’s mission is to bring more digital designers to the apparel industry and encourage as well as help to facilitate the change that is needed. One of these talented designers is Haz Sam, whose work was chosen to be presented on SHOWstudio, an award-winning online platform for fashion as a creative medium.

As we have recently been experiencing a global crisis, the fashion industry needs to ensure that it is prepared for situations where the market may be hit by a Black Swan. There are times where a designer may not have access to their sewing machine or isn’t able to ship samples overseas, however, this does not mean that creativity has to be sacrificed, and we can certainly see this through Haz’s story. Haz is a senior fashion design student at AMD, Akademie fashion and design in Düsseldorf, Germany. He postponed his bachelor year to undertake a 3D internship at Li & Fung and pursue his skills for the future of fashion.

Throughout Haz’s education and time at Li & Fung, he worked closely with Mr. Wilson Chan YS who gave him the ability to learn and experiment with Browzwear’s innovative 3D design software, VStitcher. After gaining the first-hand experience with the software, he decided to apply for Browzwear’s 2nd Indie Program to gain a deeper understanding and further his skills in digital design. As he became more familiar with the software, it became clear that sustainability is not strictly confined to fabrics, but rather the resources that are used across the entire process. The garment creation and approval process involve a significant amount of waste, not to mention time, especially when it comes to making alterations. By carrying out a digital design cycle, Haz was able to practically buy time and cut back on resources. As decisions can be made over true-to-life virtual garments, each change or manipulation can be made seamlessly and visualized in a matter of minutes.

“I don’t believe that sustainability is only about fabrics but also the tools we are using. VStitcher offers both a realistic interpretation of patterns and at the same time offers a great tool for creativity. In the design process, we have a lot of waste, altering and changing forms to end with the final product.” says Haz “In 3D we are saving a lot of time, yet the beautiful draping effect VStitcher offers, for designers like me who like to experiment with form is a luxury”

Most importantly, VStitcher provided Haz with all of the essential tools in which he could unleash his creativity and freely experiment with different forms, patterns, and drapes throughout the garment creation process. “As fashion in its own core is based on a dream, VStitcher offers creativity along with technical details. It will also help a lot of new generations of designers to have the know-how plus adding the creative element to their design concepts”. Haz also notes his inspiration from the Karl Lagerfield prize winner, Hed Mayner, who combined both handcraft and 3D technology to create his pieces.

In his latest digital work, Haz joined a virtual creative project by SHOWstudio, where he was able to infuse his inspirations from poetry, art, and personal experiences within his designs that were to Sarah Burton’s Alexander McQueen S/S 20 collection. This project aims to give designers the opportunity to interpret patterns and creations from renowned fashion brands and take them into their own hands. However, the project that has been famously running seasonally since 2002, which brings patterns by well-known designers to the masses, had to make some adaptations this time round. In light of COVID-19, this year’s edition featured virtual submissions with patterns and designs created by designers from their homes, through digital means. The virtual garments that Haz designed portrayed a synthesis of darkness and melancholy with more delicate beauty and floral aspects which worked to make the pieces so unique. He also adjusted the virtual model accordingly to present a global citizen look. The potential for the incorporation of creativity and originality within the 3D design is endless, and in Haz’s case, the emotion was reflected throughout his entire collection. Here’s SHOWstudio’s story on the project

After the SHOWstudio project, Haz recreated an outfit with his own patterns based on his artwork and embellishments to create a unique design that he presented in his own ‘Leila’ piece. Haz plans on continuing to produce unique and artistic designs with VStiticher, focusing on sustainability. “Browzwear should be an inspiration for recent graduates and fashion students as new creative tools of the future with a very positive impact on fashion education.”

Here are Ali’s pieces, submitted to Showroom and the creative behind it with his re-imaged designs using inspirations and digital material:

Stephen Doherty (Gratitude blooms)

I visited the exhibition in London on my last day. I used the flowers as an embroidery print and created a 3D form out of them. The flowers are cut and added to the pattern with adjustments.”

Fashion Vs Art

“I have used my own artwork, my own paintings and Inspiration from other artists. Fleur Du Mal  /Flowers of evil: it is a tribute to Alexander Mcqueen, as he was inspired by both Goth and Nature (Flower print). So I wanted to bring  elements of lightness, darkness, melancholy and beauty together in a 3D Form.”


The Virtual model was altered

“To give more of a global citizen look and tackle diversity as well. Green Eyes of the east, Slanted form of Asia, Darker skin tone (African Tribute).”



“Sample use: I have digitally used the samples that I got at the buyers’ team at Li and Fung. Those are fabrics that are created by a development team. They don’t exist in real life as production, however, they offer a formula to create fabrics without waste.”

Fabrics: “Browzwear’s software has the advanced ability to digitally create sheen or iridescence and display their luminous glow, which is technically complex to achieve”




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