Its another sneak peak to Vstitcher 6.5 and its our favorite!

With Image Base Lighting VStitcher real time render have made another huge leap.
Image based lighting is a 3D rendering technique which allows to light a scene with highly detailed real-world lighting.
VS users can now use HDRi images – (high dynamic range imaging) to illuminate the scene and reach unprecedented realism.

The results are stunning, see for yourself:

3D garments, with IBL - HDRi

  Material with different specular attributes using IBL (HDRi) on VS 6.5 release

Look closely at the image above, it shows 3 materials with different specular behavior, dim, sharper and full reflective. The hi quality representation is possible thanks to VS 6.5 improved render capabilities and IBL!


3D garment lit IBL-HDRi feature VS 6.5

Texture enhanced by IBL-HDRi, feature VS 6.5

In the image above we utilize Image Based Lighting to generate many light sources which brings the best out of the garment!

And there is more…

We provide few HDRi images with vStitcher 6.5, however, you may load other HDRi images, control the exposure and change the orientation in VS 6.5 to get your own special set of lights.

The future is happening now!

Important: the images in this post are rendered with VStitcher! No external render engine was used.