Indie Spotlight: Calvin Padilla Transforms Contemporary Style with 3D

As we continue to grow our Indie Program at Browzwear and bring talented designers to the forefront of the fashion industry’s digital transformation, we’re always fascinated by each member’s unique journey with 3D. We recently caught up with freelance 3D designer and Browzwear Indie program member, Calvin Padilla to discover his story and learn about how digital tools have shaped his career.

When looking at some of his designs, there is no doubt that Calvin is a connoisseur when it comes to style. Much of his fashion is inspired by unique sneakers, streetwear, as well as more formal attire while keeping comfort and practicality in mind. However, rather than creating drawings and sketches to portray his designs, Calvin comes from a more technical background, having a vast understanding of different types of design software, including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. This led him more toward the technical side of things within the fashion world. It was when he worked his way into the Design Support department at Macy’s New York, Calvin sparked an interest in the fusion of fashion design with innovative technology. Although, It wasn’t long before his talent and flair for fashion caught the eyes of Macy’s design department.

It was at this point, after several years at Macy’s that Calvin decided to take his skills in fashion design further and join the Menswear Program at FIT New York. Throughout the course, Calvin gained a broad understanding of what it takes to succeed in menswear, from concept and design to production and delivery. At FIT, Calvin was first introduced to the concept of 3D design, gaining insight into how technology is rapidly changing the apparel production pipeline.

After being referred by his professor, Calvin took part in FIT’s Product in a Day workshop in collaboration with Browzwear and PVH’s Stitch Academy in January 2020. The workshop gives aspiring designers first-hand experience in 3D design, using VStitcher to take a garment from conception to reality in a short space of time. Over two days, the participants accomplish training, design, and fabrication, “VStitcher has allowed me to realize a garment in 24 hours from concept to reality and this is a testimony to its potential in the fashion industry.” Once completing the workshop where he designed his first female garment, Calvin was eager to explore more of the software’s capabilities and see how he could incorporate 3D into his studies at FIT, and of course his career. “3D fits in perfectly with the direction that the fashion industry is headed in, it gives designers a new avenue to create, discuss, and showcase their work.”

Once becoming more familiar with the ins and outs of the software, he took it upon himself to create his final semester project using 3D, making him the first and only student in the class to present an entirely digital mockup. “This process would take much longer using physical materials, with 3D, I could effectively speed up the entire process”, says Calvin “The majority of my designs are influenced by adjustability and comfort. When creating the coat in VStitcher, it perfectly captured the unique ways that the material draped so I could clearly see what it would look like when worn”, says Calvin. Needless to say, the team at FIT was extremely impressed with the results, awarding him with the Menswear’s Department Medal, offering him an internship through FIT’s DTech Lab, where he would have the opportunity to take the Browzwear class and dive deeper into the world for 3D design.

Shortly after completing the course at FIT, Calvin joined Browzwear’s Indie Program, to pursue his 3D journey at full speed ahead and perfect his VStitcher skills. “The Indie Program gives a single designer the ability to use advanced software programs and experiment with all of its features and functions and discover its capabilities. When I joined the program, I was welcomed into a community of designers out there”.

However, it was clear that Calvin’s projects were not limited to the classroom. “I had set myself a goal to produce my menswear line before I finish school”, says Calvin, and he certainly achieved this. Despite the large-scale impact that the pandemic has had on the fashion industry, Calvin utilized the time alongside his studies to launch his own up and coming street style brand Enclave, using 3D to design garments to fuse classic menswear with contemporary athleisure. As seen throughout some of his most recent styles, luxury brands are beginning to influence street style more and more, bringing a formal edge to the classic sweatpant look. Through both education and hands-on experience with 3D, Calvin shared his thoughts on how digital tools are impacting the industry as a whole. “3D design is turning the fashion workflow on its head. The ability to reduce fit samples due to accuracy has a great impact on sustainability, time, and effort to produce a garment to specification”.

We’re very much looking forward to seeing what else Calvin has in store for us. In the meantime, you can check out some more of his designs and follow his journey on both his personal page and brand >

Personal Instagram: @c3p0__
Brand Instagram: @enclaveshop

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By Gabriella Suissa, Oct.22, 2020