What a joy it is, to see a dream come true !
Zhang Han’s fashion design project using her endless imagination and talent.

Han, a 21 years old, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, 2014 graduate of fashion design and engineering, describes her work as her love for chinese history and culture.

“My dream is to become a futuristic fashion designer, my design aims to bring this fantasy imagination of the wormhole, with its most simple lines and symbols that portrays the miraculous journey through galaxy.
Through the Wormhole Source of inspiration: In the eyes of scientists, or science fiction writers, wormholes are a bridge from fantasy world to reality, even if no one has ever seen what it looks like, nor be able to prove its existence.”

Han was using an advanced fashion design tools allowing true to life visualization in 3D.
Han in currently working as an assistant designer at Sensa, good luck Han, and may your dream come true.