We are so excited to bring you Lotta 2.5! We quote a beta user:

I was simply overwhelmed and astouned, what breathtaking work had been going on… The features, the compatibility and the conceptual thinking !!! I must say, some hidden tear was maybe in my eye when I saw it is on it’s way to come to life!

Lotta is the result of partnership with designers & Browzwear and we thank all our beta users who have given us tremendous user experience feedback and inspired our creative team to enhance your 3D design tool.We continue to commit to listening & partnering with designers to enhance designing in 3D.

An overview of Lotta 2.5:

  • Ray Trace and Schematic view rendering options for your creative presentations
  • More design variations with constrained drawing and transformation
  • Improved User Experience including new transformation gizmo
  • Multiple bugs fixed…

To learn more about Lotta, contact us!