Exciting news! Vstitcher 6.5 is coming…

Less than 6 month away from 6.0 release and 6.5 is here.

Thanks to Browzwear’s legendary team, 6.5 VS release is a blast!

3D Object in Apparel simulation

New feature in V.S 6.5

A huge step forward, on all levels.
Bottom line – Vstitcher users can do more, and do it better and faster with 6.5!
It takes less time, less resources, and much more fun.

3D Object in Apparel simulation

New Feature in V.S 6.5

In the pictures:

VS 6.5 – 3D trim geometry integrated with our garment simulation, to achieve super realistic garment representation and behavior.

Stay tuned to more 6.5 sneak previews coming soon…