Browzwear Solutions hereby announces its decision to end the global distributorship by Gerber Technology.
Effective from September 18, 2014.

Change ahead
Staying committed to our missions and values, the Browzwear team will continue to deliver innovative suites of products and services to our customers to help them gain success in their markets. As part of this, we will further grow and develop the global network of reliable and knowledgeable partners-reseller, to serve you better.

The Browzwear team is committed to provide our customers with a seamless transition.
For further questions in relation to this announcement or to Sales/Support of Browzwear suite of product, please contact us on email at: or

Or you may contact us at: +65 6338 4005

Please also contact us on our website via contact form or to so we may channel you to our list of distributor/reseller partners in your country.

We look forward to serving you better!