Browzwear Privacy Policy

Last Revised March 8, 2022

This Privacy Policy is meant to provide you with the information regarding how we, at Browzwear Solutions Pte. Ltd. and Stylezone Ltd collect personal data relating to you, where we collect it from, how we process it, who we share it with, how we secure it, and how can you enforce your legal rights for cease of processing, amendment, deletion and ratification.

This privacy policy covers your use of our software, services, and the website.

This Privacy Policy is not meant to be confusing. We made our best to make it human-readable and to ensure that this information is brought to you a manner which allows you to consider whether you consent to our use of this personal data, or whether you wish for us not to provide you with the services.

Note that you are under no legal obligation to provide us with any personal data, and that your consent is the sole basis for our use of it.

Stylezone Ltd is an Israeli company. Israel has an article 29 working party adequacy ruling, which, in plain language means that the EU Commission found that the level of personal data protection in Israel is adequate to the level required by EU regulation. Stylezone operates under Israeli law, and ensures your basic freedoms and rights are protected to the same level as they are granted to any national, worldwide.

Browzwear Solutions Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore company; therefore, in order to be at utmost adherence, it shall act as a subprocessor for Stylezone Ltd.

How Do We Collect Personal Data?

We collect personal data in the following methods: First, we collect personal data when you register to our services, use our services, contact us via forms, interact with us via support channels, or apply for an employment vacancy. We do so by taking the personal data you filled out in our forms and contents of messages.

If you are a customer of our services, we also collect information via your use of the services, and our interaction, meaning the correspondence between the parties, invoices sent, and purchase orders.

Then, we collect personal information when we interact with you: when you contact us through our support systems, when you send us emails or when you contact us via phone, or when we meet in person.

We also collect the technical information about you when you browse our website and use the services.

What Personal Data Do We Collect?

We collect mainly information that relates to your use of our software and services, which includes: (i) demographics, your first and last name, your email address, your and approximate location (via your IP address); (ii) information on your interactions with us; (iii) information relating to browser type, device type, screen resolution, IP address and technical information; (iv) information relating to how you use our services, including clickstream and features used.

For the software’s end-users, we may collect information about the use of the software itself, but not the contents of the files and information processed by the software.

We also collect the contents of all correspondence between ourselves and (a) prospective and actual clients; (b) prospective and actual employees and contractors; and (c) prospective and actual suppliers.

We may also collect log files from your use of the services and software if you send it to us as a part of a support ticket, or if your settings in the services or software allow sharing of log files.

How Do We Process Personal Data?

We use your personal data to provide you with the services. This is the purpose of collecting the personal data and the main reason for processing. This includes, first and foremost, marketing our products.

If you are an employee, contractor, or supplier, we use your personal data as part of the management of the relationship between us in that capacity.

When you provide us with your contact information, either by filling out a form, submitting a request, or contacting our support, we will keep this information on our services and customer relations and employee and supplier management systems. We use this to better understand our customers’ needs and to contact them occasionally, and to perform, monitor, and manage our relations, duties, and obligations with employees, contractors, and suppliers.

We process your personal data also to create statistic, non-personally identifiable, data which is used to assist us in better understanding of the use of our services, websites and software. By using this data we can help you use our products and services in a better way.

Who Has Access To Your Personal Data?

We do our best to ensure that your personal data remains secure. We provide our employees with limited, monitored, access, only on a need-to-know basis.

We also use some contractors that are engaged by our company to provide us with services. Both our employees and contractors are under strict confidentiality agreements.

We also use a few, limited, third parties to process your information. These third parties are:

  • Chaos Group, which is one of our business partners, and receives statistics about the use of rendering with V-Ray, but no personally identifiable information.
  • Comeet, our employee recruitment software provider, that helps us manage employee recruitment.
  • FullStory, which helps us optimize the customer experience by tracking and monitoring customer activity.
  • Google, which helps us with advertising and remarketing.
  • Google Analytics, which collects information about the usage in our software and website.
  • SalesForce, our customer relation software that helps us to manage our prospective clients.
  • Sendgrid, that helps us send emails to our customers.
  • Skilljar which helps us manage our online learning services.
  • WordPress, which hosts our website.
  • Zendesk, which collects information about the usage in our Help Center, helps us manage our customer support activities, and hosts our community forum.

We also comply with legal requests, meaning that if we get an authorized legal warrant to provide your personal data from a law enforcement authority, court or other authorized authority, we will act accordingly.

How Do We Secure Personal Data?

We secure personal data by storing it in industry-grade servers, when information may be encrypted to prevent abuse and misuse. We also make sure that our servers are checked, occasionally, for known vulnerabilities and bugs, and we update our operating systems periodically. We make sure that all access to our servers is logged, and in some cases use two-factor-authentication.

When Do We Delete Personal Data?

We remove personal data when it is no longer required. As a general rule, we delete personal information from employment applicants six months after the last time of contact and we delete personal information from marketing contacts six months after consent to contact is withdrawn.

How Can We Contact You?

We use your contact information to contact you from time to time with promotional offers, updates relating to our services, new features or information relating to a security breach, if it happens. We also may send you push notifications or text messages to update you with information relating to your specific use of the applications.

You can opt out from all notifications or any notifications using our services.

How Can You Review, Amend, or Delete Your Personal Data?

We can provide you with a copy of your personal data if you contact us by sending an email to; after you do so, we will verify that this request is genuine, and send your personal data. If you find any of the personal data to be inaccurate, please let us know and we will amend it.

You can also request, post-review, that we remove personal data. In such case, we will retain the minimum amount that we are required by law, but will remove all excess data.

How Can You Unsubscribe from Our Marketing Emails?

You can unsubscribe from our marketing emails by clicking the Unsubscribe link in such an email and following the instructions. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe by sending an email with “Unsubscribe” as the subject line to Your email address will be removed from our list of email addresses used for marketing purposes within ten working days.

Can You Request That We Cease Processing?

Yes. You can contact us at and request that we cease processing your personal data. However, in such a case we will not be able to provide you with any of the services.

Children and Minors

We do not provide our services for children or minors. If you are over 14 and under 18, you need to provide us with parental permission to process and retain the information, and specifically let us know.


Our website uses first party and third party cookies. A cookie is a small file placed on your browser’s environment which allows us to identify you as a unique user. It does not contain any personal information, nor can it be used to by anyone but ourselves and our third-party service providers (who provide third-party cookies).

You may opt out from storing cookies on your device altogether, or specifically from our website in your browser’s settings. However, this may impair your use of our services.

Can We Amend This Privacy Policy?

Yes. We may amend this privacy policy from time to time. We will keep you updated when we do so. Please note that updates and changes will be logged in our changelog hereunder. No update shall have any retroactive effect.


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