About Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a global lifestyle brand built on iconic essentials and powered by bold, progressive ideals. The Calvin Klein brands — CK Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Underwear and Calvin Klein Performance — provide us with the opportunity to market products both domestically and internationally at various price points, through multiple distribution channels and to different consumer groups. The Calvin Klein brands are also licensed for a range of products, including fragrance, women’s apparel, footwear, eyewear, watches and jewelry in various regions. Global retail sales of products sold under the Calvin Klein brands were approximately $9.4 billion in 2019.

The tiered-brand strategy was established for Calvin Klein to provide a focused, consistent approach to global brand growth and development that preserves the brand’s prestige and image. Each of the Calvin Klein brands occupies a distinct marketing identity and position. We believe that Calvin Klein is well positioned over the next few years to establish itself as the world’s favorite brand. With the North Star of “Defying the boundaries of self-expression” guiding its design, marketing and consumer engagement initiatives, we believe that Calvin Klein will convert its investments into ongoing commercial success

The Team

The Technical Development Team is a dynamic product creation team working to devlop product from Concept through to production supporting all product catagories throughout the Calvin Klein EU collection – CK Sportswear, CK Jeans & CK Jeans Kids . We work in a concise workflow through technical development, pattern making, vendor collaboration & with a digital mindset in 3D product creation. We collaborate on a daily basis with Design, PD & Merchandising to ensure that the product and market needs are met for our consumer. We work across all product categories, with respect to specialst needs of each product type. We have a strong link to our offshore offices and vendors – with a day-to-day workflow ensuring product quality throughout the development process.