Expert Professional Services

Information has become the cornerstone of today’s industry. As competition intensifies and the pace of business increases, there is a critical need for technology solutions that enable data-drive decision making. But technology is not enough.
To achieve results, businesses also need to transform their way of thinking and implement models and processes that enable growth.
That’s why Browzwear partners with Pragma Solutions to provide customers with expert consulting that can give them a jump start on the road to success.
Pragma offers specialized technology consulting services that make adopting 3D visualization technology as simple and hassle-free as possible.Pragma’s team of specialists has years of experience working hand-in-hand with major fashion brands. They are ready to share their knowledge and resources with you to plan strategy, implement processes, and ramp up your business We will help you to create a tailored process for implementing 3D within your organization.
Depending on your needs, we can help you to implement a small or large scale transition that suits the needs of your organizational culture. We are also available to provide hands-on services ourselves or with the help of partners, until you are fully proficient.

Our services include

  • Jump start package: We help you right from the starting line to pick the right solution for your objectives, and to align the product capabilities with your needs.
  • Training: We take you beyond the basics to show you how to use 3D solutions within your own projects so that you can be effective as quickly as possible.
  • Strategy consulting: Starting with an initial assessment, we help you to define a 3D strategy that will deliver maximum benefits for your company.
  • Process design and implementation: Our project managers will design a process for 3D that starts big or small according to your needs.
  • Troubleshooting and optimization: We are always available to help you solve 3D problems or to fine tune your process.

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