Browzwear Shoes top view


  • Smart shoes


  • Complete a total look
  • Fits multiple Avatars
  • Move and bend with foot and legs

You’ve dabbled with Smart Trims and you’ve enjoyed the ease of an integrated Ray Trace engine… Let us introduce you to our new Smart Shoes.

Adding Shoes is Easier Than Ever

Complete the 3D look and the user experience, Browzwear has introduced adjustable smart shoes that work with multiple avatars, and can be animated or used in various poses. The shoes actually move and bend with the foot and legs of the avatar for true-to-life designs. Users can pull shoes straight from VStitcher and Lotta and enjoy full control over both the shoes and avatar feet, so you can make adjustments as needed.

Pre-Loaded Styles or Add Your Own

Browzwear now comes pre-loaded with 5 types of shoes and you can easily import additional shoes of any type including sport shoes, high heels, sandals and more. You’ll be guided through adjusting the foot to fit the shoe in different positions so the interaction becomes fluid and natural. Once its imported, the system remembers that shoe and how it interacted with the foot…for next time.

These shoes were made for walking… Have you experimented with them yet? Let us know what you think.