Introducing Browzwear’s Product Support Manager


Cara Babcock, Browzwear’s new Product Support Manager, is an expert in 3D apparel design and manufacturing, and a long-time user of our products. She will be working hand-in-hand with our customers on their journey to a 3D digital process. We’re very excited that she has joined the team, and we’ve asked her to answer a few questions so you can see why!

Cara, please tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am a true patternmaker at heart.  I love to nose-dive into the weedy details of product and process, use my creative problem solving skills, and measure to the nearest millimeter on a ruler.  I enjoy looking at pattern shapes to imagine the finished garment they will become and vice versa; I curiously turn garments to and fro, in and out, to visualize the pattern that gave them life.  I get excited about seam allowance, stitch types, darts, and pleats but would never call myself an expert. There is always more to learn and everyone creates product the way they do for a reason. I have been intrigued by the apparel industry since childhood and am thankful every day that I get to work in a field that is so inspiring.

My introduction to apparel 3D came about 6 years ago and once I caught a glimpse of Vstitcher I was hooked.  The blend of technical detail, artistic judgement, and cutting edge technology was enough to capture my attention as a Technical Designer.  Soon I was taking every opportunity I could to use the tool with my designers, factories, and fellow tech designers. This was also my first introduction to process and I loved the problem-solving challenge of incorporating a new tool into an existing product creation process.

From then on, a passion for apparel 3D has steered my career.  A more specialized role in 3D allowed me to learn a few of the traditional 3D tools and concepts, although I only skimmed the surface of the knowledge and expertise required to be proficient.  I then took a role in Global Technical Development to share my expanded 3D knowledge with a larger group of Technical Designers as well as continue to share and drive 3D process at a higher level.

 Why did you decide to join Browzwear?

I have worked with Browzwear since the first time I used the product. I’ve always had great respect for their people, products, and the way they run their business. But I have been absolutely inspired over the past couple of years by the leaps and bounds they have made with the tools; truly envisioning a NEW way to create apparel.  I am so honored to be joining this team of talented individuals and hope that I am able to make even a fraction of the impact that they have made on me over the years.

 What do you hope to accomplish with Browzwear?

First and foremost, I want to listen and learn. I want to broaden my horizons and understand how companies are currently using 3D, what they love about it and what they dislike. I want to understand why companies are not using 3D, and what we could do to make it easier for them to try.

Second, I want to be helpful. I want to help put this amazing 3D technology at the fingertips of the apparel industry. I want to help people learn the software so they see that 3D is an approachable tool and process. I want to help build the product, so the feedback I hear from the users directly impacts the design and workflow of the software.  I want to be a resource for knowledge and problem solving so when a glitch arises, it isn’t so overwhelming to face on your own.

Lastly, I want to be a connector and an enabler.  I want to partner with other 3D software companies to imagine and create products and experiences that are far superior together than either of us could have created in isolation. I want to make it possible for students to have access to the tool through their university education so by the time they get hired with an apparel company, they are equipped with skills and experience to lead the 3D charge.

I believe in the tools and the process and I am looking forward to sharing my passion. I want to help create the future of how we make apparel.