VP of Sales | North America


We’re very pleased to welcome Lenny Weiss, Browzwear’s new VP of Sales for North America. Lenny has a long, successful track record in Sales Management and comes to us from one of our technology partners. Throughout his career, Lenny has sold a variety of digital manufacturing solutions for the apparel industry including CAD, ERP, and PLM, which has given him an in-depth understanding of the importance of 3D to an end-to-end digital workflow. His experience will be a tremendous asset to our customers.

Lenny, please tell us a little about yourself:

I have been involved with the apparel industry for a long time. I have seen the vital role that new technologies play in enabling apparel companies to grow and manage their business. I actually started out on the technology side and at one time I was Director of Information Systems for HIS Sportswear (Chic Jeans).

However, being a people person, I was always drawn to being in front of customers, sharing ideas and making a difference. I was sitting at the wrong side of the table, so I switched to the sales and marketing area. Sometimes change is difficult but for me it has been a blessing. Working with people, meeting customers, helping them realize how technology can benefit their companies, helping clients face and overcome challenges, have all been so rewarding.

My last position was at Yunique Solutions, a PLM start-up. I helped build it into a major PLM player which was eventually acquired by Gerber Technology. My experience at Yunique made it clear to me that to complete the digital value chain, 3D was a requirement.

 Why did you join Browzwear?

From networking over the years I was familiar with the 3D software suppliers for the apparel Industry. After doing my due diligence, I found that unlike conventional 2D companies that also do 3D, Browzwear is the only true 3D supplier for the apparel industry. Browzwear is the only supplier with a solution for both PC and Mac environments – essential for accommodating all of the players in the digital workflow. And Browzwear holds the patent for 2D to 3D simulation in the apparel industry. But the most important reason I joined the company is Browzwear’s dedication to making 3d as simple and user friendly as possible.

 What do you hope to accomplish with Browzwear?

I want to help teams – both users and management – experience how 3D software can make a real difference; how it can begin with their creative processes and flow throughout their organization from design to tech design, production, marketing, sales, catalog, internet buying, line planning…the sky’s the limit. It dramatically reduces product development time and the number of samples and enhances creativity. Browzwear 3D makes life easier and more exciting. It has already affected mine for the better and I look forward to sharing that gift with our customers.