To create gathering, pattern-makers attach two pieces of fabric, one with a longer edge and one with a shorter edge. The long edge is gathered into many small pleats in order to match the length of the shorter edge and create the gathering effect.

The length of the longer piece of fabric determines how the gathering will behave. With VStitcher’s true-to-life 3D simulation, you can view an accurate simulation of how the gathering with look after the pieces are sewn and experiment with different lengths until the desired effect is achieved.

Simulating gathering accurately requires an understanding how the fabric behaves not only in relation to the body, but in relation to the way it is sewn. With VStitcher, you can be confident that the sample you receive will look the same as the 3D simulation.

3D Illustration Created with VStitcher

In the dress above, a large amount of fabric is used to achieve a richly-gathered skirt that compliments the belt. The shorter edge of the fabric, the belt, is 41.5 cm and the longer edge, the bottom of the skirt, is 138 cm.