We have been listening to you, fixing and improving.

We want to thank everyone for all the interactions in 2013 which have allowed us to create better solutions for you.
For the last 10 years, 3d remains pretty much a technical tool used by technical developers for Efficient & Productive apparel development.
In the front end, there is a growing demand for 3d apparel for use in E-commerce, marketing & digital cataloging, fueled by smart devices & greater visualization technology such as 3d printing etc…
3D virtual model challenges reality… It’s been exciting for us to pioneer & grow with the industry these last 13 years.

A designer said this (early 2012) which stuck to us

“ I would love to have a solution that can take what’s on my head and make it real so others can see it”

and with that quote, we went away inspired to create a 3d design tool (Lotta) for designers which we hope will accomplish this challenging goal.

Evolving Fast
We are a distance away from the above quote but in Lotta (We name it after an inspiring designer) we developed a solution with creativity & fun in mind.
Lotta’s seamless integration with Adobe applications (most used by designers) allows designers a familiar user experience to create 3D.
Lotta 1.0 launched in Dec of 2013, was created with the help of innovative apparel designers and we are evolving fast, Lotta 1.1 is already here.
In V-Stitcher 6.6, we took inspiration to reality by making the 3D design from Lotta compatible with V-Stitcher so that creative 3d design can be interpreted immediately for technical product development…. So with fun & creativity, we added efficiency & productivity.

Coming Soon…
There’s a new birth in Browzwear. Stay tuned as we will notify you when our baby is delivered.
Meantime, we invite you to our social pages and the team would love to hear from you there, Especially when you “like” us, it really fuels us.

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