The new Browzwear version 4.7 has improved simulation, an option to view fabric back side differently than the face side, much faster database and windows 7 compatibility.
These and other improvements mark yet another significant progress for the Browzwear application family

What’s new in Browzwear version 4.7:

Simulation 40
Version 4.7 comes with an improved simulation version 40. The main features of simulation 40 are:

  • Speed:
    • Simulation 40 is faster by an average of 20-25 percents
    • Simulating in Fast mode, increases the average speed by another 25 percents.
  • Improved pleats simulation
  • Improved repeatability
  • Automatic grid matching

New fabric Face and Back options

Fabric & trims can be viewed also as if turned inside out. This mode is called Back view, as opposed to the normal Face view.

Database enhancements

Browzwear version 4.7 comes with a new version of the Browzwear Database Administration application and a new version of the database scheme itself.
The main improvements are much faster data loading and added support for SQL server 2008. Some important bug fixes are also included.

Support for SQL server 2008
The new database and the Database Administration utility now officially support Microsoft SQL server 2008

Faster data loading
The new database version features significantly faster data loading which can be noticed when opening the Database Administration application as well as the Garment map in Browzwear applications

Windows 7 Compatibility

Browzwear 4.7 is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7.
Other supported operating systems are Windows XP and windows Vista
3D face & back view