What’s New

Batch Rendering

Instead of exporting .FBX and 2D images one at a time, you have an option in VS 4.95 to export for all colorways in 1 click. In addition, you may choose to save the lighting position as well. Learn more


VS 4.95 now provides a choice of 3 different avatar resolution to achieve a better geometry quality when required. We have also added a crotch modifier for Adam and Baby2, as well as a chest volume option for Deborah. Learn more

Full screen mode

Double-click on the 3D window and you maximize it. Learn more

What’s Improved

Simulation version 45

Problems with tight fitted garments and collisions are reduced. Learn More

Movement of textures in 3D

In VS 4.95, there is now better control in the 3D movement of textures.


VS 4.95 now responds to shortcut and handles multiple colorways faster.

Color Library

VS 4.95 saves the .aco color pallet in the application instead of the garment.

Finish Option

We reckon that the default finish option selection should change to increase efficiency. Let us know if it’s a ‘nah’ or ‘yeah’.

Flash Output

The image quality of the flash output is now improved by leaps and bounds. Learn more.

Zoom control in 2D window

When you use the mouse wheel to zoom in 2D window, the area around the mouse arrow will be the focus.

What’s Fixed/Removed

Simulation version

Simulation versions older than 39 is no longer supported in VS 4.95.

Visible lines on attachments

In VS 4.95, there’re no more visible lines on the attachments when they are cropped to their borders.

Missing attachment in 3D navigation

The attachment doesn’t disappear when you try to move it in 3D.

Attachment location used as attachment name

The name of the attachment is the name of the texture in VS4.95.


We removed the velcro function. Let us know if it’s devastating news for you.

Change in command bar location after changing language

The command bar stay put despite language change

Selection of image in browse file window

Selection of image is now working normally again.

Application crash in cloned colorway

Change of pallet for a cloned colorway when a garment is simulated will cause the application to shut down. This is now resolved in VS 4.95.

Fast Converter

The application is working in VS 4.95.