Vector Workflow

  • Are you tired of seeing your vector-quality artwork being pixelated when you resize it? 
  • Do you wish you didn’t have to tediously export to Adobe Illustrator to change even one single color?
  • Does the design process then leave you frustrated and deflated, instead of elated?

No more!

Browzwear is continuing to revolutionize digital fashion design by harnessing the power of vector technology and placing it in your hands. No more pixelation, reduced resolution and loss of quality! Our end-to-end vector workflow enables you to design and edit your artwork size and color in vector-level resolution in VStitcher and Lotta. And you no longer have to switch to Adobe Illustrator to do so!

Reaping the benefits of vector technology means, for example, that the small logo that you have on the front of your sportswear T-shirt or tank top can now be greatly enlarged and positioned on the back as well, at the same high resolution. Or that you can enlarge the image of the small teddy bear that you have on a child’s pajama bottoms and also place it on the pajama top, covering the entire front. Thanks to Browzwear’s use of vector technology, large artwork remains sharp and crisp, and does justice to your garment! 

And with the innovative software and user-friendly features, you can also edit the colors as part of your workflow. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse. Exporting to Adobe Illustrator for each change and then importing back to VStitcher and Lotta to see the result in a 360, 3D view, is no longer necessary. 

You can now save so much time, and achieve results that are superior by far to what you have been forced to settle for in the past!

And that’s not all – working exclusively in vector format means that detailed color separation information is available and can be communicated externally, ensuring that the color of the physical garment perfectly matches the color you envisioned.

Thanks to Browzwear, the power of vector technology is now at your fingertips. We invite you to use it, enjoy its multiple benefits, and let your creativity lead the way!

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