Sell then Manufacture rather than manufacture then sell, it makes so much more sense… 

The dress in the image will be produced only after shoppers will order it on Etsy.

This is a beautiful initiative to conduct a more sustainable and economical fashion business, by Tamar Landau, a young and talented fashion designer.

Tamar is using Lotta to create 3D virtual variations of her proven styles, digitizing new fabrics, colors, trims and prints.

The result is stunning! A 3D photorealistic, true to life presentation of Tamar’s new designs ideas.

I offer my clients more options to choose from in a constant stream of new designs and variations presented via my online channels.

I enjoy the creative design process in 3D, I fly with my imagination then share my design ideas in a photorealistic true to life way, no need for exhausting costly photoshoots.

My clients react to my digital collection in the same way they interact with my physical manufactured and photographed styles.

So… why take a risk and invest in manufacturing physical garments when I can offer many more styles made virtually and let the shoppers decide what they like ?!

This process creates an unprecedented opportunity for me to get in a closer touch with my global clients, get constant feedback, streamline my workflow and improve my offering quickly! 

This way everyone is happy!

This is a good example for “Demand Driven Supply Chain” we hope to see fast growth of this sustainable fashion trend in the near future.

Good luck Tamar!