As promised in previous sneak peak, more is coming in Vstitcher 6.5, and its no less than amazing!

VS 6.5 users can now finally prototype filled or puffed garments. The virtues of prototype cost reduction, are now applied to the widest range or garments to date.

The VS 6.5 quality of padded simulation, and it’s ability of reaching infinite filling types is unprecedented.

The algorithm we have developed especially to enable this, is by far, the most advanced of its kind.

3D virtual garment VS 6.5

Same 2D cad patterns with different puff levels

3D virtual garment, Puffy jacket VS 6.5

Puffy jacket colorways VS 6.5

In the Photos:

  1. Different filling types on the same 2D CAD patterns.
  2. Visualization of different colorways for padded garments, easily applied with VS 6.5

Stay tuned for more great stuff…