At Browzwear, we’re always striving to bring our customers the tools for a smooth and efficient workflow according to their specific needs. This involves updating our software with frequent fixes and new feature developments.

Recently, we’ve received an increasing number of requests for a more customizable tech pack, and the use cases given by clients have got us to work immediately. As a result, we’ve integrated a solution that our entire client base can benefit from. The latest hotfix release gives users the ability to download the tech pack directly from VStitcher or Lotta in a user-friendly Excel format.

The tech pack in an Excel format gives VStitcher and Lotta users the flexibility to customize the data before sharing it, so it can be adapted to any requirement and workflow. The file can easily be exported from VStitcher without needing to have Excel pre-installed on your computer. From annotations to resizing images or implementing additional data, the tech pack can be edited accordingly. By having an editable tech pack, communication between different departments can be made clearer, leaving less room for misunderstandings.

Once the customized tech pack is ready to print, you can select different print previews giving you the option to print out fewer pages. However, if you’d rather work with a different format that isn’t HTML or Excel, we still offer the capability of building a custom template via our open platform integration. 

“As more companies adopt digital workflows to improve business efficiency, we’re ready to take on new use cases and requests to further our capabilities, bringing our clients enhanced technological solutions” says Joy Foo, Senior Product and Partner Success Manager at Browzwear. 

To download the latest version of VStitcher and Lotta 2020 January Edition, visit or contact your account representative.

[March 2020]