Released July 2011

Browzwear version 4.85 introduces an advanced licensing system, streamlined work process and an updated garment library including new garment types.

What’s new in version 4.85:

New and Advanced Licensing system

In order to allow full 64 bits compatibility as well as new and advanced licensing options, we are upgrading our licensing system to the Aladdin/Safenet Sentinel HASP.

This system is easier to use and to update.

Preparing for the new license system
  • All preparations for the new system can be carried out prior the installation of version 4.85
  • The new system will not interfere in any way with current or older versions used
  • All the details are available in the document provided by Browzwear

Streamline the work process options

Outfit enhancements

Two enhancements were added to the outfit process

  • Garment related avatar added to outfit map

It is now possible to summon any of the avatars related to the different garment s included in the outfit. This can be done at any time after the outfit has been created.

  • Apply button added to outfit map

This allows switching color ways without closing the outfit map to view each change as in the previous version.  Mixing & matching or exploring the many color combinations can be viewed more easily.

DPI enhancement

As requested by many, version 4.85 recognizes the DPI value embedded in images and applies it automatically to the image properties in VStitcher. This saves the manual DPI assignment which was required for most images.

Ignore sizes mechanism on by default

No need for the manual action in the Garment Map.

Updated garment library
4.85 news image

An updated garment library is now available
  • The garments are all updated to the latest simulation
  • New garments added
  • Several new outfits are also available