The rise of 3D CAD in the fashion industry is transforming the way companies do business. Not just denim and outerwear, but every sector in the industry from classic to cheap to chic. Because designers can preview virtual versions of finished products, CAD helps fashion and apparel businesses save time, reduce errors, and save on costs associated with purchasing fabrics and materials. Designers can share their vision with other members of the team, and easily address problems and design variations without creating physical samples. With CAD, brands have more control over the process and a quicker time to market.

But, where other industries have embraced a digital product lifecycle, the apparel industry is still lagging behind mainly due to the fact that many expensive PLM systems do not address the unique needs of the fashion industry.

So what has been missing?

What’s been missing is a digital true-to-life 3D CAD product, which is the key to being able to accurately visualize apparel before it is manufactured. To this end, 3D CAD fashion design software and virtualization technology is essential to a digital workflow.

Modern fashion CAD software shortens the time it takes for designers to create new concepts, and knowledge of these programs has become standard for anyone looking to work in the fashion industry.

Browzwear Solution for Fashion CAD

As technology develops, so has the opportunity for growth in 3D fashion design software. Over the last few years, Browzwear has introduced an end-to-end 3D workflow from design, through development to a tech pack. In addition, the Browzwear Open Platform enables apparel brands to combine 3D with additional products for asset management, merchandising, and more, to enjoy a complete digital workflow:

  • VStitcher: The industry-leading 3D virtual prototyping solution for developers, pattern makers, and technical designers enables the instant transformation of 2D patterns into realistic 3D prototypes and the creation of new patterns from start to finish.
  • Lotta: Starting from pattern blocks, create an endless variety of designs in true-to-life 3D. View and style designs on a realistic 3D body in any combination of colors, styles, materials and more. Seamlessly move graphics back and forth from Adobe.
  • Stylezone: An innovative, secure platform for showcasing 3D prototypes that let users rotate, zoom, move and interact with 3D visualizations from a web browser or mobile phone.

Once designed, the Browzwear Techpack generates detailed PLM-ready specifications for manufacturing each 3D garment including materials, trims, workmanship, pattern prints and more. Designers can add notes and annotations as well.

The power of 3D for fashion design

Browzwear brings the power of 3D to fashion design, development, marketing and collaboration with easy-to-use solutions that shorten time to market. In 3D Fashion Design, LOTTA makes it easy and fun for designers to express their creative vision in an unlimited range of colors, styles, materials, lighting effects and more. In 3D Fashion Development, VSTITCHER enables pattern-makers, cutters and technical designers to transform 2D patterns into realistic 3D prototypes. And finally, Browzwear’s STYLEZONE provides a revolutionary collaboration platform for web and mobile that enables all stakeholders to participate at every stage in the process, from design through merchandising.

With Browzwear, designer innovations flourish along with their personal virtual fashion vision.

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纽约 (PRWEB),2020 年 5 月 20 日

全球领先的服装 3D 技术公司 Browzwear 今天宣布与 Adobe 合作,整合其 Substance 3D 纹理和材质创作技术。Substance 将成为 Browzwear VStitcher 和 Lotta 3D 设计解决方案的原生部分,设计师可以访问 Substance 的强大功能,轻松快速地创建和展示超逼真的印花操作,及其视觉效果。

Browzwear 持续致力于促进服装公司提升将概念推到商业的能力,与 Adobe 开展合作后,服装公司在工作流程的每一个环节都可以获得益处。这次合作将 Substance 技术(视频游戏和电影特效的必备技术)的应用扩展到了时尚领域,3D 技术在这个行业中已是大势所趋。

Browzwear 五月版更新后,将全面支持 Substance 的 SBSAR 格式文件。无论是在 Substance Designer 中创建的,还是在 Substance Alchemist 中修改的,抑或是从 Substance Source 或 Browzwear 中的其他平台下载的 SBSAR 格式文件,使用 VStitcher 和 Lotta 的设计师都可以自由使用。设计师可以使用各种可视化参数,实时自定义他们的印花操作,包括压花、刺绣、烫金、复古印花等效果。每个参数都有许多复杂的编辑功能,使设计师能够实现他们所要的精确结果,而不需要任何图形设计或 3D 贴图的特殊知识。逼真的可视化结果优化了整个服装工作流程,可根据精准的印花效果做出决策。

五月版的发布标志着 Adobe 和 Browzwear 合作的开始,预计全年将陆续推出更多功能。

“3D 技术曾是视觉特效和游戏领域的新奇事物,如今已成为企业竞争的关键能力。时尚行业也不例外。”来自 Substance 的 Francois Cottin 说道,“通过与 Browzwear 的合作,Substance 可以帮助设计师摆脱实物原型制作的限制,同时满足时尚行业对节省时间、降低成本和消除浪费的渴求。我们期待与 Browzwear 密切合作,为企业和组织提供必要的工具,帮助他们在充满挑战的环境中成长壮大。”

Browzwear 的联合创始人兼首席产品官 Avihay Feld 表示:“将 Adobe 的 Substance 加入我们的 3D 设计解决方案,这只是我们长远合作设想的第一步。我们努力消除不必要的实物制作流程,致力于提供一个与之看齐的数字替代方案,它必须做到逼真、准确,为实物生产提供支持。因此,我们与 Adobe 的合作便成为理所当然之举。我们将携手并进,共同加速行业的数字化转型,帮助企业提高创造力、效率以及收入。”

2020 年 6 月 1 日星期一上午 10 点(太平洋标准时间),Browzwear 将在网络研讨会上展示最新的 3D 设计解决方案。如需参加,请访问:

有关 Browzwear 的更多信息,请访问:

By Sharon Lim, CEO and Co-Founder of Browzwear

Within a few weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak and shutdowns, physical sample workflows came to a screeching halt with travel bans, work from home orders, and major disruption to supply chains. Even when some physical samples were still available, there was uncertainty over where they should be shipped, and if it would be accepted at the gates. It wasn’t long before technology and 3D assets came to the forefront. In-person sales review meetings soon shifted to online meetings; according to one leading brand, their entire showroom was “moved” onto a virtual platform and another sportswear brand conducted its wholesale meetings via online conferencing for the first time.

Making Informed Decisions

There is a rising sense of urgency among many retailers and brands to accelerate the digital transformation process in their businesses. These current workarounds are likely to become the new norm, since the future surrounding COVID-19 remains unclear. During these unprecedented times, digital assets and technology are transforming the way businesses and transactions are being conducted, both today and tomorrow.

Over the past 4 weeks, we received news of mass furlough being imposed on an already fragile industry. What’s unsettling is that the industry leaders who have embraced digital transformation and the acceleration of digitalisation as their priority are the same ones that are letting employees with digital skills go. After investing heavily in the digital infrastructure and equipping employees with the right knowledge, instead of fielding these skilled personnel to scale up their digital transformation, they have let them go. Unfortunately, It seems as if they have shot themselves in their foot.

Speaking recently to the GM of a leading retailer, he expressed concern that vendors who used to submit quality work are now giving low-quality digital assets. Upon investigation, he found that skilled specialists and digital creators were either put on leave of absence or let go. Without quality digital assets nor physical samples, how can vendors and retailers effectively collaborate? Sadly, many of these vendors are not even aware of their detrimental decisions.

Gearing up for the Next Phase

As the Pandemic’s dust begins to settle, the world is preparing for a post-COVID-19 reality and gearing up to new methods of working both sustainably and efficiently. A major factory in Asia shared that they either make the decision to go digital today or become obsolete tomorrow. It’s no longer business as usual in a volatile, unpredictable world.

Businesses that view digital transformation as being a critical measure for product & GTM, rather than a temporary response, will have to prepare accordingly for the next phase. All digitally-skilled hands must be on deck to navigate the company through the choppy waters of the next 12 months. Cost-cutting measures should be conducted cautiously as experienced digital specialists are integral to their success. This current slow down is the best time to take what’s proven and expand it to more parts of the business. Companies that have invested in valuable digital skills should know that this is the time to fuel their HR assets to train and equip the entire ship.

Emerging as a Stronger United Force

I will end by sharing a recent incident experienced by the CEO of a leading brand. He asked his management team to submit innovative workarounds that they ”threw together” to cope with the COVID disruption. From Design Development to Selling.

In a nutshell, they advocated that those innovating “workarounds” which are mitigating losses during the crisis should stay for them to remain agile, sustainable and competitive for the future which is already here.

When vigilance meets new opportunities, everybody wins. Let’s be wise and take appropriate steps to prepare and emerge from this crisis stronger together.


Full digital transformation cannot be achieved just by integrating one software. It requires a combination of complementary solutions. In this article,  Browzwear’s Co-founder and CPO Avihay Feld discusses how Browzwear’s Open Platform innovative partners, enable apparel companies to easily digitize their workflow, in the field of sales visualization. Read the full article on The Interline. 

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Browzwear, a global leader in 3D technology for the apparel industry, today announced a collaboration with Adobe to integrate its Substance 3D texturing and materials authoring technology. As a native part of Browzwear’s VStitcher and Lotta 3D design solutions, designers can access the Substance’s powerful capabilities, enabling them to quickly and easily create and visualize hyper-realistic print executions, and other ready-for-production visual effects.

The collaboration with Adobe is part of Browzwear’s ongoing commitment to facilitating apparel businesses’ ability to benefit from best-of-breed technologies at every step of their workflows, from concept to commerce. This extends the application of Substance’s technology, a must-have for the video games and motion picture special effects world, into fashion, an industry where adoption of 3D is increasingly imperative.

With Browzwear’s May Edition update, designers using VStitcher and Lotta will have the freedom to upload Substance’s SBSAR-format files, whether created in Substance Designer, modified in Substance Alchemist, or downloaded from Substance Source or another platform to use in Browzwear. Designers can customize their prints’ executions, in real time, adding from a selection of visualization parameters including emboss, embroidery, foil print, vintage, and more. Within each parameter, there are many intricate editing functionalities that enable the designer to achieve the exact result they’re looking for, without any special knowledge of graphic design or 3D mapping. This true-to-life visualization result enables the entire apparel workflow to be optimized, making decisions over print execution that is an accurate representation of the physical end result.

The May Edition release marks the start of the Adobe and Browzwear collaboration, with more features and capabilities expected to roll out throughout the year.

“Once a novelty in the domain of VFX and gaming, 3D technology is now core to a business’ ability to compete. Fashion is no different,” said Francois Cottin of Substance. “By collaborating with Browzwear, Substance is helping free designers from the limitations of physical prototyping while addressing the fashion industry’s priorities of saving time, reducing costs and eliminating waste. We look forward to working together to provide organizations with the tools they need to thrive during challenging times.”

“The integration of Substance by Adobe in our 3D design solutions is just the first initiative in what we envision as a long and impactful relationship,” said Avihay Feld, Co-Founder and CPO of Browzwear. “As we strive to eliminate unnecessary physical processes, we are committed to an on-par digital alternative which has to be realistic, accurate and ready for physical production, for this cause working with Adobe is ideal. Together, we can accelerate the industry’s digital transformation and help businesses to increase creativity, efficiency, and of course, revenue.”

Browzwear will be showcasing the latest updates to their 3D design solutions in a Webinar on Monday, June 1, 2020, at 10 am PST. To attend, please visit:

For more information about Browzwear, please visit:

纽约 (PRWEB),2020 年 4 月 14 日

服装行业 3D 技术的领导者 Browzwear 和源自 PVH Europe 的技术孵化器 STITCH 今天宣布,Browzwear 将与新的 STITCH 加速器项目密切合作,打造最高效的 3D 设计流程和工具。利用 Browzwear 的 3D 解决方案(已经成为 STITCH 特有数字服装工作流程的重要组成部分)、独特的培训和认证计划,将确保设计师、制版师和产品开发人员亲身体验推动整个行业数字化转型的技术。

继 Tommy Hilfiger 宣布到 2022 年实现 100% 数字化设计工作流程之后,这一项目将加快实现这些目标的速度,因为其将扩大服装设计师和制版师的队伍,让他们拥有推动行业未来发展的专业技术知识。该项目将为参与者打造 STITCH 推出的、最近由 PVH Europe 实施的全数字化服装开发工作流程,包括使用 VStitcher(Browzwear 的 3D 服装开发软件)的实践培训,促使他们在一个由 3D 技术日益推动的行业中不断成长壮大。STITCH 加速器项目的参与者将可以为有兴趣扩大 3D 业务的品牌工作,比如 STITCH 的第一个客户 PVH Amsterdam。

随着行业对 3D 设计的重视,STITCH 正在展示技术如何帮助时尚公司更有效、更可持续地运营。例如,在整个设计、原型制作、试穿和销售流程中,Browzwear 逼真的 3D 原型可以准确地替代设计师和制版师的实物样品。

Browzwear 将与 STITCH 持续合作,开发解决方案以加快他们的自动化和优化设计及商品企划流程的能力,减少对实物资源的浪费,并加快 PVH 旗下品牌(如 Tommy Hilfiger 和 Calvin Klein)的产品上市速度。

Browzwear 的联合创始人兼首席执行官 Sharon Lim 表示:“Browzwear 与 STITCH 的长期合作关系,是我们致力于与服装开发流程中所有利益相关者合作的一部分,提供市场解决方案,使他们所在的组织和整个行业变得更高效、可持续性更高和盈利能力更强。根据我们丰富的经验,我们知道采用 3D 解决方案可以在充满挑战的商业环境中为公司带来竞争优势。为了最大限度地发挥这一优势,我们必须共同努力,重新设计未来的产品生命周期。”

“3D 设计正在时尚行业的发展突飞猛进,我们正在通过 STITCH 打造可扩展的数字价值链。通过 STITCH 加速器项目,我们培养 3D 设计人才来支持我们客户的 3D 价值链,并为他们提供即时的 3D 火力支援,同时帮助客户实现组织和人才的转型。”STITCH3D 负责人 Dominic Sluiter 表示,“Browzwear 助力我们培养出最好的人才,打造最快和可扩展性最高的 3D 工作流程。STITCH 和 Browzwear 在帮助时尚行业走向数字化方面有着长期友好的合作关系,我们很高兴通过这次合作让我们的关系更进一步。”

对 STITCH 加速器项目感兴趣的申请者可以在这里申请:。

有关 Browzwear 的更多信息,请访问。有关 STITCH 的更多信息,请访问。


纽约 (PRWEB),2020 年 2 月 6 日

今天,时尚行业 3D 技术的领导者 Browzwear 宣布了其最新的设计和工作流程解决方案。一月份的更新包括对 Browzwear 3D 可视化功能的重大改进,为设计师和企业带来了更大的灵活性,帮助他们利用 3D 技术提高效率、减少需要生产的实物样品以及加快产品上市时间。

Browzwear 的解决方案增加了对 16 位位移贴图的支持,这使得二维物件看起来像三维那样具有深度和细节。此次更新加入 16 位贴图,Browzwear 现在可以实现最为真实的 3D 可视化,如照片般逼真地呈现细节、材质和照明效果。

一月版的解决方案更新还包括客户呼声最高的自定义人台姿势功能。设计师和企划师现在可以在 3D 人台上使用各种姿势和所需的参数来创建、协作和显示设计,以最具活力和吸引力的方式展示服装。

Browzwear 解决方案的其他改进是专门为满足服装设计师和技术设计师等行业利益相关者的需求而设计的,包括:

3D 缝线效果 : 设计师可以将 2D 矢量文件导入 VStitcher 和 Lotta,自动转换成可任意调整的 3D 物件。这有助于设计师,甚至是那些没有 3D 技术经验的设计师,更多地像处理实物样品似的那样进行创作,同时还可以利用实时反馈功能和享受工作流程速度大为加快带来的好处。

更灵活地处理和共享 3D 服装:兼容 GL Transmission Format (glTFTM),支持导出 3D 服装,并且可以通过网络以及在 VR 和 AR 应用程序中查看服装。新的文件格式让 3D 物件本身变得更清晰,也更易于操作,提高了其在整个产品渠道中的实用性。

可选择本地 V-Ray 渲染:设计师可以选择在云端和/或本地渲染 3D 图像。对于本地渲染,还可以选择使用 GPU 或 CPU,这也大大减轻了计算性能的压力。此外,设计师还可以选择渲染的质量水平(低/中/高/最好),以便在内部使用时加快渲染速度。

在人台上使用 3D 测量尺:制版师可以直接在人台上测量,并且可以选择是存储还是保持显示。

2020 年一月版还集成了合作伙伴 Jeanologia 和 YKK 的资产,当使用 Browzwear 解决方案进行创作时,能够利用可持续的牛仔布边缘完结效果和流行的扣件风格来进行设计和生产。

“Browzwear 是第一家将汽车和消费电子产品开发中常见的 3D 技术引入时尚行业的公司。从此,这些工具对于寻求提高效率和可持续运营的企业变得更加重要。”Browzwear 产品副总裁 Uri Tzadikevitch 说,“我们很自豪能保持在服装行业解决方案开发的最前沿,并将继续提升我们的技术,让创意最终变成无以伦比的服装,同时减少服装的环境足迹。”

VStitcher 和 Lotta 的用户可以在此下载新版软件和了解新版本的重要更新。

在此观看 VStitcher 和 Lotta 2020 年一月版的网络研讨会。

通过应用程序查看、交互和呈现逼真的 3D 设计,为可持续、高效的时尚业务运营打开新的机遇之门

纽约,2020 年 1 月 23 日

全球领先的服装 3D 技术公司 Browzwear 今天宣布与 Sketchfab 合作。Sketchfab 是一个领先的在线平台,可以在互联网上展示和分享 3D 内容。两家公司的强强合作给在线时尚和服装市场带来全新的 3D 体验,可以方便地从 Browzwear 的 VStitcher 将逼真的 3D 服装导出到 Sketchfab 的高性能嵌入式 HTML 3D 查看器。这项新功能为服装公司在网上展示 3D 服装提供了机会。

Browzwear 一月份的产品更新中增加了对 GL Transmission Format (glTF) 格式的支持,可以质量无损地将 3D 文件导入和导出到不同的应用程序。现在,使用 Browzwear 创建的 glTF 文件可以无缝交付,并在 Sketchfab 的嵌入式查看器中完美呈现,而不需要进行额外的调整。

“通过向服装行业提供最逼真、最精确的 3D 模型,我们正在开创一种生产更少实物样品,但销售更多产品的运营模式。”Browzwear 产品副总裁 Uri Tzadikevitch 说,“我们与 Sketchfab 等创新者合作开发的每一种工具,都让客户如虎添翼,提高了创造力和效率,减少了浪费并增加了收入。综合起来,这将带来更为可持续的运营,无论是经济上还是生态上。”

“Sketchfab 已经成为众多创意社区中事实上的 3D 内容发布和分享标准。通过与 Browzwear 的合作,我们也可以将业务延伸到服装市场。”Sketchfab 的联合创始人兼首席执行官 Alban Denoyel 说道,“我们期待在企业市场上复制我们与独立设计师和中小企业一起在企业市场上取得的成功。”

1 月 30 日星期四,Browzwear 将在网络研讨会上展示最新的 3D 设计解决方案。如需参加,请访问:

关于 Browzwear
Browzwear 成立于 1999 年,是时尚行业 3D 数字解决方案的先驱,推动了从概念到商业化的无缝流程。对于设计师来说,Browzwear 加快了他们创作的速度,为创作风格的迭代带来了无限机会。对于技术设计师和制版师,Browzwear 可以帮助他们通过准确地再现真实的材质变化,在任何体模上试穿放码服装。对于制造商来说,Browzwear 的工艺包从一开始就完美地提供了生产实物服装所需的一切,涵盖从设计到生产的每一个环节。在世界范围内,超过 350 个组织机构(如 Columbia Sportswear、PVH Group 和 VF Corporation)利用 Browzwear 的开放平台来简化流程、开展合作和追以求数据驱动的生产策略,这样他们就可以实现“生产更少的实物样品,销售更多的产品”,这也提高了生态和经济的可持续性。有关更多信息,请访问。

关于 Sketchfab, Inc.
Sketchfab 拥有领先的 Web 平台 3D 可视化技术,无论是个人动画师还是世界上最有影响力的品牌公司,都可以利用 Sketchfab 的技术方便地在网上发布和查找 3D 内容。我们是最大的沉浸式和交互式 3D 平台,打造了拥有数以百万计创作者的社区,发布了数以百万计的款式。我们的技术整合了所有主流的 3D 创作工具和发布平台,通过 或使用官方的导出工具,直接支持几乎所有的 3D 格式。使用通用的 3D 播放器,可以将 3D 内容嵌入从电子商务到社交媒体的任何网页或发布平台。

设计师利用此数字平台可以创作包含 YKK® 发斯宁扣件的新设计,并向生产部门发送准确无误的指令,从而减少浪费和加快产品上市速度。

纽约,2019 12 10

Browzwear YKK 公司今天宣布,YKK 的发斯宁扣件产品将与 Browzwear 面向时尚行业的开创性 3D 解决方案相结合。通过这次强强合作,设计师可以轻松地在他们的设计中包含 YKK® 产品的 3D 模型,在创作时进行自由移动并呈现照片般逼真的 3D 效果。此外,链扣扣件的规格将与其他制造说明一起包含在 Browzwear 的工艺包中,加快生产速度,做到准确错误。

YKK 发斯宁扣件解决方案的全球领导者,其产品包括拉链、塑料零件、尼龙搭扣、织带、夹扣和钮扣。YKK 和行业中越来越多的知名公司一样,与 Browzwear 开展合作,促进创意设计和加速推向市场。两家公司还共同致力于推动创新,为服装公司提供可持续性更高的流程和实践。

Browzwear,我们不断加强合作,开发新的解决方案,为我们的客户简化从概念到商业化的设计流程。Browzwear 的联合创始人兼首席执行官 Sharon Lim 说道,拉链可能看起来很简单,但是设计和制造拉链实际上是很复杂的。随着 YKK 的产品在我们的平台上以逼真的 3D 形式呈现,一切正在改变,我们相信我们的客户将从更快、更智能的工作能力中受益。

“Browzwear YKK 有着共同的愿景,那就是打造一个更加创新、更可持续、更为高效的时尚产业,在这点上我们两家公司不谋而合。我们期待与 Browzwear 密切合作,推出开创性的解决方案,以帮助我们实现这些目标。YKK 公司全球营销集团副总裁 Takashi Tsukumo 说。

第一阶段的 YKK 集成功能将在一月份的产品更新中发布。将分阶段整合 YKK 目录,在 Browzwear 的各版软件更新中加入新产品。

In this interview, published by The Bryan School of Business and Economics at UNCG, Kerrie Rogers Engle brings her career advice and articulates how 3D design is changing the fashion industry and its positive effect on Kontoor Brands Ltd, where she has been a part of for the last seven years. 

Read the full interview here, published in April 2020


Every few months we run an Indie project to give fashion designers and pattern makers the opportunity to learn and experience Browzwear’s software. The project’s mission is to bring more digital designers to the apparel industry and encourage as well as help to facilitate the change that is needed. One of these talented designers is Haz Sam, whose work was chosen to be presented on SHOWstudio, an award-winning online platform for fashion as a creative medium.

As we have recently been experiencing a global crisis, the fashion industry needs to ensure that it is prepared for situations where the market may be hit by a Black Swan. There are times where a designer may not have access to their sewing machine or isn’t able to ship samples overseas, however, this does not mean that creativity has to be sacrificed, and we can certainly see this through Haz’s story. Haz is a senior fashion design student at AMD, Akademie fashion and design in Düsseldorf, Germany. He postponed his bachelor year to undertake a 3D internship at Li & Fung and pursue his skills for the future of fashion.

Throughout Haz’s education and time at Li & Fung, he worked closely with Mr. Wilson Chan YS who gave him the ability to learn and experiment with Browzwear’s innovative 3D design software, VStitcher. After gaining the first-hand experience with the software, he decided to apply for Browzwear’s 2nd Indie Program to gain a deeper understanding and further his skills in digital design. As he became more familiar with the software, it became clear that sustainability is not strictly confined to fabrics, but rather the resources that are used across the entire process. The garment creation and approval process involve a significant amount of waste, not to mention time, especially when it comes to making alterations. By carrying out a digital design cycle, Haz was able to practically buy time and cut back on resources. As decisions can be made over true-to-life virtual garments, each change or manipulation can be made seamlessly and visualized in a matter of minutes.

“I don’t believe that sustainability is only about fabrics but also the tools we are using. VStitcher offers both a realistic interpretation of patterns and at the same time offers a great tool for creativity. In the design process, we have a lot of waste, altering and changing forms to end with the final product.” says Haz “In 3D we are saving a lot of time, yet the beautiful draping effect VStitcher offers, for designers like me who like to experiment with form is a luxury”

Most importantly, VStitcher provided Haz with all of the essential tools in which he could unleash his creativity and freely experiment with different forms, patterns, and drapes throughout the garment creation process. “As fashion in its own core is based on a dream, VStitcher offers creativity along with technical details. It will also help a lot of new generations of designers to have the know-how plus adding the creative element to their design concepts”. Haz also notes his inspiration from the Karl Lagerfield prize winner, Hed Mayner, who combined both handcraft and 3D technology to create his pieces.

In his latest digital work, Haz joined a virtual creative project by SHOWstudio, where he was able to infuse his inspirations from poetry, art, and personal experiences within his designs that were to Sarah Burton’s Alexander McQueen S/S 20 collection. This project aims to give designers the opportunity to interpret patterns and creations from renowned fashion brands and take them into their own hands. However, the project that has been famously running seasonally since 2002, which brings patterns by well-known designers to the masses, had to make some adaptations this time round. In light of COVID-19, this year’s edition featured virtual submissions with patterns and designs created by designers from their homes, through digital means. The virtual garments that Haz designed portrayed a synthesis of darkness and melancholy with more delicate beauty and floral aspects which worked to make the pieces so unique. He also adjusted the virtual model accordingly to present a global citizen look. The potential for the incorporation of creativity and originality within the 3D design is endless, and in Haz’s case, the emotion was reflected throughout his entire collection. Here’s SHOWstudio’s story on the project

After the SHOWstudio project, Haz recreated an outfit with his own patterns based on his artwork and embellishments to create a unique design that he presented in his own ‘Leila’ piece. Haz plans on continuing to produce unique and artistic designs with VStiticher, focusing on sustainability. “Browzwear should be an inspiration for recent graduates and fashion students as new creative tools of the future with a very positive impact on fashion education.”

Here are Ali’s pieces, submitted to Showroom and the creative behind it with his re-imaged designs using inspirations and digital material:

Stephen Doherty (Gratitude blooms)

I visited the exhibition in London on my last day. I used the flowers as an embroidery print and created a 3D form out of them. The flowers are cut and added to the pattern with adjustments.”

Fashion Vs Art

“I have used my own artwork, my own paintings and Inspiration from other artists. Fleur Du Mal  /Flowers of evil: it is a tribute to Alexander Mcqueen, as he was inspired by both Goth and Nature (Flower print). So I wanted to bring  elements of lightness, darkness, melancholy and beauty together in a 3D Form.”


The Virtual model was altered

“To give more of a global citizen look and tackle diversity as well. Green Eyes of the east, Slanted form of Asia, Darker skin tone (African Tribute).”



“Sample use: I have digitally used the samples that I got at the buyers’ team at Li and Fung. Those are fabrics that are created by a development team. They don’t exist in real life as production, however, they offer a formula to create fabrics without waste.”

Fabrics: “Browzwear’s software has the advanced ability to digitally create sheen or iridescence and display their luminous glow, which is technically complex to achieve”




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