Embracing the “new normal” due to the coronavirus pandemic means going full throttle on all things digital — even for fashion brands.

Singapore-based brand Browzwear, a technology solution firm for the apparel industry, and Stitch, a tech incubator originating from PVH Europe, said the companies will work closely together with the newly launched Stitch Accelerator Program, which creates 3-D design workflows and tools for fashion and apparel brands.

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Browzwear, a leader of 3D technology for the apparel industry, and STITCH, the tech incubator that originated from PVH Europe, today announced that Browzwear will be working closely with the new STITCH Accelerator Program to create the most efficient 3D design workflows and tools. Leveraging Browzwear’s 3D solutions, already an essential part of STITCH’s unique digital apparel workflows, the unique training and certification program will ensure designers, pattern makers and product developers have hands-on experience with the technologies powering digital transformation throughout the industry.

The initiative, which follows Tommy Hilfiger’s announced plans to have a 100 percent digital design workflow by 2022, will accelerate delivery on those goals by growing the pool of fashion designers and pattern makers with expertise in the technologies fueling the industry’s future. The program will prepare participants for the fully digital apparel development workflow created by STITCH and implemented recently by PVH Europe, including practical training with VStitcher, Browzwear’s 3D apparel development software, enabling them to thrive in an industry increasingly powered by 3D technology. Participants of the STITCH Accelerator program will be able to work for the brands interested in scaling up their 3D operations, like STITCH’s first client PVH Amsterdam.

With their industry-changing emphasis on 3D-powered design, STITCH is demonstrating how technology can help fashion companies to operate more efficiently and sustainably. For example, Browzwear’s true-to-life 3D prototypes can accurately replace physical samples for both designers and pattern makers throughout the design, prototyping, fitting and sales processes.

As part of their ongoing relationship, Browzwear will continue to build solutions in partnership with STITCH to accelerate their ability to automate and optimize design and merchandising workflows, reduce waste of physical resources and drive a faster time to market for PVH’s brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

“Browzwear’s long-standing relationship with STITCH is part of our commitment to partnering with stakeholders throughout the apparel development process to bring to market solutions that will make their organizations and the entire industry more efficient, sustainable and profitable,” said Sharon Lim, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Browzwear. “We know from our vast experience that adopting 3D solutions brings companies a competitive advantage in a challenging business environment. To maximize that advantage, it’s imperative that we work together to re-design the product-life-cycle of the future.”

“3D design is picking up speed in the fashion industry and with STITCH we are pushing to build the scalable digital value chain. With the STITCH Accelerator program we develop 3D Design talent to support the 3D value chain for our clients and offer them instant 3D firepower while they transform in their organization and talent” said Dominic Sluiter, Head of STITCH3D. “Browzwear enables us to develop the best talent and build the fastest and most scalable 3D workflow possible. STITCH and Browzwear have a long friendship working very closely helping the fashion industry go digital and we are glad to be strengthening our relationship through this collaboration.”

Candidates interested in the STITCH Accelerator Program can apply for consideration here: http://www.stitchaccelerator.com.

For additional information about Browzwear, please visit http://www.browzwear.com. For additional information about STITCH, please visit http://www.stitchdesignlab.com.

WWD interviews leading solution providers in the apparel industry about coronavirus’ current impacts and requisite future planning. As part of the article, Ms.Sharon Lim, Browzwear’s CEO, weighs in:

“A global crisis on the scale of COVID-19 is less ‘if it happens’ than ‘when it happens,’” Sharon Lim, chief executive officer of Browzwear, a digital fashion solution firm, told WWD. “That’s why it’s key that manufacturers build contingency plans to mitigate the impact to their business. At this point, the time frame to prepare for these changes is very slim.”

Lim said whether it’s sourcing or manufacturing, fashion businesses reliant on China are inevitably facing supply issues. “With factories closed and the flow of materials and finished products interrupted, they’re unable to get the products they need. Without contingency plans in place, manufacturers can’t get things like fabric, buttons and zippers [trims], and designers can’t get the samples for their showrooms made and retailers, especially ones who have adopted just-in-time business models, will be without merchandise to sell.”

What brands can do, Lim explained, is investing in digital technologies that take the pressure off of physical dependencies, as well as streamline efficiencies through solution providers to secure a more transparent, tighter supply chain.

“Every company should review their entire supply chain as well as that of their suppliers and make sure they have plan B in place for every piece of fabric, every button and every factory. They should also review their processes to make sure they’re operating as efficiently as possible, and where technology makes it possible, reduce dependence on physical items in lieu of digital ones, for example, using 3-D renderings in place of physical samples in their showrooms.”

Source: WWD Full article By Tracey Greenstein, March 3, 2020


by Sharon Lim, Co-Founder and CEO

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has shaken up the world, sending much of us into panic mode. People are confined to their homes, countries have closed their borders and many businesses are being greatly affected. As the global pandemic evolves, our daily lives are being impacted in one way or another. It is now that companies are having to adjust their workforce and adapt to a new structure and routine to get through the current circumstances in the most efficient way possible. 

Supporting Our Clients

As we continue to rise to the challenges that we are met with due to the pandemic, the entire Browzwear team remains focused on our customers’ success. During this period of uncertainty, we recognize that our clients require some adjustments to execute their work effectively. To ensure that this adjustment can be accomplished as smoothly as possible, we’re doubling down on remote support and training. Our professional global support team is ready to assist with any queries or issues that our clients may be facing throughout this unprecedented situation.

Embracing 3D as a Remote Solution

As many of our clients’ entire teams are now working from home, we’ve seen that more companies are now speeding up their transition to a digital process. Adopting a 3D solution ultimately reduces the impact that working remotely may have had on the apparel production cycle. The decision-making process between various departments can be kept at the same pace, as the virtual garments created are an impeccably accurate representation of the physical samples. Any amendments to the digital sample can be made instantly and with precision, without any time going to waste. That’s why employees can continue to work productively from home without sacrificing their creativity. For companies who wish to learn about taking on a similar process, our team is available with all the resources to facilitate the transition, so feel free to reach out.

We’re Not Stopping

Our innovation isn’t bound to our office desks. Browzwear’s product and tech team are working full speed ahead to bring new and exciting features to our products. We’ll also be continuing to partner with leading technology companies, providing our clients with integrated solutions that will be highly beneficial to them during this time. You’ll soon be able to catch up with some of our recent developments in the May 2020 release, so stay tuned. 

Stay Safe.

[March 2020]

At Browzwear, we’re always striving to bring our customers the tools for a smooth and efficient workflow according to their specific needs. This involves updating our software with frequent fixes and new feature developments.

Recently, we’ve received an increasing number of requests for a more customizable tech pack, and the use cases given by clients have got us to work immediately. As a result, we’ve integrated a solution that our entire client base can benefit from. The latest hotfix release gives users the ability to download the tech pack directly from VStitcher or Lotta in a user-friendly Excel format.

The tech pack in an Excel format gives VStitcher and Lotta users the flexibility to customize the data before sharing it, so it can be adapted to any requirement and workflow. The file can easily be exported from VStitcher without needing to have Excel pre-installed on your computer. From annotations to resizing images or implementing additional data, the tech pack can be edited accordingly. By having an editable tech pack, communication between different departments can be made clearer, leaving less room for misunderstandings.

Once the customized tech pack is ready to print, you can select different print previews giving you the option to print out fewer pages. However, if you’d rather work with a different format that isn’t HTML or Excel, we still offer the capability of building a custom template via our open platform integration. 

“As more companies adopt digital workflows to improve business efficiency, we’re ready to take on new use cases and requests to further our capabilities, bringing our clients enhanced technological solutions” says Joy Foo, Senior Product and Partner Success Manager at Browzwear. 

To download the latest version of VStitcher and Lotta 2020 January Edition, visit login.browzwear.com or contact your account representative.

[March 2020]


In 2018 Browzwear collaborated with Stitch of PVH Europe and The Amsterdam Fashion Institute for a ‘Product in a Day’ challenge, where the students were able to translate a concept into a prototype in just one day. After leveraging the endless capabilities of 3D, its influence on the fashion industry has only continued to grow. AMFI is one of today’s leading schools for innovative and creative fashion and has now geared some of its curriculum toward the changing dynamics of the fashion industry. The Make & Buy specialization for 3rd and 4th-year fashion management students led by Prof. Mireille van de Wiel-Stegehuis, gives students an introduction to the endless possibilities that 3D has to offer, and insight on how it is shaping the fashion industry today.

Over 3 months, the class is taught to create and market their own fashion collections to industry buyers, taking their garments from concept to merchandising. From the initial sketch to patterning, producing, and showcasing, the students are given the opportunity to experience the end-to-end process of apparel production and discover the power of 3D prototyping with Browzwear’s innovative technology.

In AMFI’s first Make & Buy course with Browzwear, the students were given several tasks to complete, including creating a virtual sales book that would represent their collection, as well as test and analyze different fabrics, showcasing a variety of styles. They were to come up with an original concept and brand along with a customer profile, and aspects such as pricing, material information and sizing all needed to be accounted for. To do so, with the training and guidance of Marylina Klenk, Browzwear’s 3D expert, they experienced a workflow from start to finish, transforming the initial 2D sketch into a 3D simulation which would be created with Browzwear’s VStitcher. 

With a lot of enthusiasm, the students worked closely with VStitcher and were able to gain first-hand experience of all of the features and capabilities that it has to offer. By experimenting with different physical properties of their chosen fabrics on a true-to-life simulation, they could accurately assess crucial elements such as the draping quality, cut and shape of their garments as well as make instant modifications. With the ability to make informed decisions throughout the design process, the students could verify their range of materials, prints, and details that they had chosen to showcase in their virtual sales books.

The virtual sales books showcased a variety of different garments, from dresses to jackets and more, and the final presentations were outstanding. The winning team received a one-year Browzwear license, allowing them to explore the software independently. The class was inspired by the program and had developed a huge amount of interest in the software and concept of 3D apparel design after working closely with VStitcher. The skills that they had acquired throughout the course could be carried into the future as they embark on their careers as young fashion professionals.

“It was great to see how quickly the students could pick up and explore all of the functions and features that VStitcher has to offer.” says Marylina Klenk, “Not only did they expand their technical skills, their creativity flourished while using the program. The students’ final presentations were exceptional and it was so rewarding to see how proud everyone was with their results. Most importantly, by the end of the project, everyone understood how 3D can be used as a tool for faster and more informed decision making throughout the product development process.”

You can learn more about the Make & Buy specialization here.

Sketchfab is proud to announce a collaboration with Browzwear—a global leader in 3D technology for the apparel industry—to facilitate the export of true-to-life 3D garments from Browzwear’s VStitcher to Sketchfab’s 3D Viewer.

How to export Browzwear’s 3D assets to Sketchfab’s 3D Viewer? Read the full article on Sketchfab’s blog

In a recent Browzwear workshop in collaboration with Tchibo, one of Germany’s largest retail chains, fashion design students from JAK Fashion Academy had a unique opportunity to experience the apparel production process from start to finish in a short amount of time. Using VStitcher, the future fashion professionals saw just how the traditional manufacturing process can be digitized, and is now more than ever, revolutionizing the fashion industry.

Designing garments using 3D technology has significant benefits, not only does it minimize the time and cost of production, but it also plays a major role in promoting sustainability by significantly cutting back on physical waste, ultimately leading the fashion industry down a more environmentally-conscious path. By having a first-hand experience of Browzwear’s 3D solutions for apparel design, the JAK students would gain clear insight as to how it works and what the benefits are. 

Students divided into groups and were given the challenge of designing a maxi dress for Tchibo’s upcoming autumn collection from beginning to end in just one day. Tchibo provided a few basic guidelines, including the overall appearance, color scheme, and style. All the rest was left in their own hands, allowing the teams to showcase their creativity and design skills. 

With the support of Browzwear’s 3D Design experts, Lena Blume and Marylina Klenk, the students soon began to familiarize themselves with the innovative VStitcher software, where the design workflow would swiftly be carried out. The teams got started and applied their designs and patterns to the dresses while keeping Tchibo’s clientele in mind. To visualize the process, VStitcher provides a true-to-life 3D simulation that gives an accurate representation of the physical garment in a matter of seconds. 

Of course, during the design process, numerous alterations are needed along the way. With VStitcher, all the garment’s details are accounted for, even the way that fabric sits and behaves when worn. The students soon saw just how any modification, whether it be the fit, cut, fabric or pattern could effortlessly be made to achieve immaculate results. 

After checking and altering the fit, they could then begin to render the final piece. As the session came to a close, the physical garments were ready and the results were outstanding. In fact, due to VSticher’s true-to-life precision, the garments were essentially ready for production. 

A Dress in a Day: The Tchibo X JAK Academy 3D Design Challenge

The teams presented the final garments to Tchibo and two lucky winners claimed their prize of a one-year Browzwear license along with some Tchibo coffee. The collaboration and workshop enabled Tchibo as well as the JAK students to get a deeper understanding of how 3D can be utilized as an end-to-end solution within the fashion industry and gain further insight into its endless possibilities. 

“This event allows companies to experience the real power of 3D design,” said Lena Blume, Lead Customer Success at Browzwear “My favorite part is the pure joy of fashion designers, pattern makers and product developers at the end of the day, to see that all their input and comments were shown in an instance and the product is on the models, just as they had imagined it. If this is all possible in one day, we really need to change the way we are working today.”

A Dress in a Day: The Tchibo X JAK Academy 3D Design Challenge

Read the story on Tchibo’s website (German)

* Image source: Tchibo blog

January fashion design software release brings new tools and features to facilitate workflows from concept to commerce

Browzwear, a leader in 3D technology for the fashion industry, today announced the latest additions to its design and workflow solutions. The January update includes significant enhancements to Browzwear’s 3D visualization capabilities, giving designers and businesses greater flexibility to leverage 3D to increase efficiency, reduce sample production, and speed time to market.

Among the empowering additions to Browzwear’s solutions is 16-bit support for displacement maps, which are what give two-dimensional objects the depth and detail that make them look three-dimensional. By incorporating 16-bit maps in the update, Browzwear is offering the most realistic 3D visualizations possible, achieving photorealistic display of details, textures and lighting effects.

The January update also brings to the solutions suite one of the most in-demand features: customizable avatar poses. Designers and merchandisers can now create, collaborate on and display designs on 3D avatars in the poses and with the parameters they want, enabling them to showcase garments in the most dynamic and appealing way.

Additional enhancements to Browzwear’s solutions, created specifically to meet the needs of industry stakeholders such as fashion and technical designers, include:

3D Seam Effects: Designers can import 2D vector files into VStitcher and Lotta, where they are automatically turned into fully-adjustable 3D objects. This helps designers, even those without 3D expertise, work with their creations more as they would with a physical item, while benefiting from real-time feedback and vastly faster workflows.

More Flexibility to Work With and Share 3D garments: Compatibility with GL Transmission Format (glTFTM) allows 3D garments to be exported and viewed across the web as well as in VR and AR applications. The new file format also makes the 3D object itself clearer and easier to manipulate, expanding its utility throughout the product pipeline.

Options for Local V-Ray Rendering: Designers can choose to render the 3D image in the cloud and/or locally. For the latter, they can also opt to use GPU or CPU, which lessens the strain on computing performance. Further, designers can select the quality level for the rendering (low/medium/high/best), allowing them to render faster when the end use is internal.

On-Avatar Measuring Tape: Pattern makers can take measurements directly on the avatar, which they can choose to store or keep on display.

The 2020 January Edition also includes asset integrations with partners Jeanologia and YKK, which facilitate design and production using sustainable denim finishes and popular fastener styles when creating with Browzwear’s solutions.

“Browzwear was the first company to bring 3D technologies that were common in automotive and consumer electronic product development to the fashion industry. Since then, these tools have become even more critical for businesses looking to drive efficiencies and operate more sustainably,” said Uri Tzadikevitch, VP of Product at Browzwear. “We’re proud to remain at the forefront of solution development for the apparel industry, and will continue developing our technology so creatives can make incredible garments while reducing fashion’s environmental footprint.”

Users of VStitcher and Lotta can download the new version and watch a walkthrough of the new edition key elements here.

Watch the VStitcher and Lotta 2020 January Webinar here.

WWD on Browzwear’s collaboration with Sketchfab and the 3D Fashion Future

At Browzwear, we are always developing features and integrating with partner technologies so we can enable the fashion industry to leverage 3D in as many ways as possible, at every step of the product life cycle. Our January update includes a number of exciting additions, and one of them, our collaboration with Sketchfab, was covered by WWD earlier this week. 

You can read the full article here, but in case you’re not yet a subscriber, we’ll recap the piece here. 

WWD Tech reporter Adriana Lee acknowledges that sharing a realistic-looking garment digitally is a big challenge, but it’s one that we’re solving with Sketchfab, the de facto standard for 3D renderings. 

She notes that designers will now be able to import and export 3D files from other applications and share interactive 3D models across the web. With support for Sketchfab’s HTML 3D viewer, there’s no loss of quality and no additional manipulation is needed. 

Lee rightly imagines the myriad of opportunities this enables, including using 3D renderings of products to gauge consumer demand pre-production. 

This is a perfect example of how 3D can drive smarter decisions while enabling a more economically and ecologically sustainable fashion industry, one in which we produce fewer items, but sell more of them. 

Source: WWD Full article By Adriana Lee, January 27, 2020

Learn more about Browzwear X Sketchfab collaboration


Power to view, interact with and present true-to-life 3D designs across applications opens new opportunities for sustainable, efficient fashion business operations

Browzwear, a global leader in 3D technology for the apparel industry, today announced the collaboration with Sketchfab, a leading online platform for displaying and sharing 3D content over the internet. The two companies are working together to bring new 3D experiences to the online fashion and apparel market, facilitating the export of true-to-life 3D garments from Browzwear’s VStitcher to Sketchfab’s high-performance embedded HTML 3D viewer. The new capability opens a variety of opportunities for apparel companies to showcase 3D garments across the web.

The new capabilities, available in Browzwear’s January product update, are enabled by the addition of GL Transmission Format (glTF) compatibility, which facilitates the import and export of 3D files to different applications without loss of quality. Now, glTF files created with Browzwear can be delivered seamlessly and rendered perfectly in Sketchfab’s embedded viewer without requiring additional adjustments.

“In giving the apparel industry the most realistic, accurate 3D models, we’re enabling a future in which businesses produce fewer physical samples, yet sell more items,” said Uri Tzadikevitch, VP of Product at Browzwear. “Every tool we create in partnership with innovators like Sketchfab adds to our customers’ ability to increase creativity with efficiency, reduce waste and grow revenue. Combined, this leads to more sustainable businesses, both economically and ecologically.”

“Sketchfab has become the de facto standard for publishing and sharing 3D content among a broad swath of the creative community. Partnering with Browzwear enables us to extend our reach into the apparel market as well,” said Alban Denoyel, co-founder & CEO of Sketchfab. “We look forward to replicating the success we’ve had with independent designers and small and medium business in the enterprise market.”

Browzwear will be showcasing the latest updates to their 3D design solutions in a Webinar on Thursday, January 30th. To attend, please visit: http://bit.ly/2EstEbT

About Browzwear
Founded in 1999, Browzwear is a pioneer of 3D digital solutions for the fashion industry, driving seamless processes from concept to commerce. For designers, Browzwear accelerates collection development, opening limitless opportunities to create iterations of styles. For technical designers and pattern makers, Browzwear rapidly fits graded garments to any body model with accurate, true-motion material replication. For manufacturers, Browzwear’s Tech Pack delivers everything needed to produce physical garments perfectly the first time, and at every step from design to production. Worldwide, more than 350 organizations such as Columbia Sportswear, PVH Group and VF Corporation leverage Browzwear’s open platform to streamline processes, collaborate and pursue data-driven production strategies so they can sell more while manufacturing less, which increases both ecologic and economic sustainability. For more information, visit http://www.browzwear.com.

About Sketchfab, Inc.
Sketchfab is the leading technology for 3D visualization for the web, making it easy for anyone to publish and find 3D content online, from individual artists to the world’s most iconic brands. With a community of millions of creators who have published millions of models, we are the largest platform for immersive and interactive 3D. The technology integrates with every major 3D creation tool and publishing platform and supports almost every 3D format directly through sketchfab.com or using an official exporter. Using a universal 3D player, your 3D content can be embedded on any web page or publishing platform, from eCommerce to social media.

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