We’re excited to introduce two of our interns from Oregon State University. They are based in our Corvallis, OR office and work directly with Browzwear teams to learn 3D Apparel Design  with Browzwear’s VStitcher, Lotta, Stylezone, tech pack, fabric testing, material creation and digitization – necessary tools for a digital end-to-end product creation workflow. In addition, the interns learn to build digital assets, help with fabric testing and assist on client projects. At the end of their internship, they will have their own 3D portfolio project built with VStitcher and Lotta.

Lauren Johnson
Oregon State University, Apparel Design

Browzwear intern Lauren Johnson was born and raised in Albany, Oregon, which is just “down the street” from Corvallis. She attends Oregon State University as a full-time student double majoring in Merchandising management and Apparel Design, and is now entering her senior year. Lauren likes to draw, listen to music, and hang out with her roommate’s cat. When she decides to do something a little more exciting, it’s usually spending time with roommates, friends or her family. Lauren enjoys hiking, playing soccer, thrift shopping (for clothing and home decor), and taking trips to “ma-and-pa” restaurants around Oregon. After her internship ends, she is planning to take a trip to Virginia to see her boyfriend of 5 years. He joined the Navy last year and is now stationed in Little Creek, VA, but is able to visit home every 6 months for about 2 weeks at a time… she can’t wait to see him!

Lauren hopes to gain skills from this internship that enrich her capabilities in the apparel industry. Fit has been one of the more challenging subjects for her in school, so she is excited to use an interactive visual tool to help her understand the mechanics of a garment and also create her “Vision to Reality” project this summer. Lauren first majored in apparel because she likes clothing, but couldn’t necessarily find exactly what she wanted in the stores, so she thought it would be better if she could alter or make make her own clothing. With everything she has learned and hopes to learn in the future, Lauren wants to own her own line of eco-friendly clothing with a sustainable business/production model.

Braden Yokota
Oregon State University, Apparel Design 
Braden Yokota is originally from Portland, Oregon and joined Browzwear part-time in March, 2018.. In the Fall, he will be a Senior studying Apparel Design with a minor in business.

When Braden first started university, he planned on becoming a Mechanical Engineer because he enjoyed playing with any new technology and unique software that he could find. He most enjoyed the process of understanding how machines and technology worked. After one term, he was not enjoying the classes as much as he thought he should, so he searched for a different major that would better fit his interests…and he found Apparel Design. Braden’s interest in Apparel came from the latter half of his middle school years when he lived in Germany, a few steps from a large H&M shop. Braden really enjoys the Apparel Design program and has not regretted the switch, but he does still miss tinkering with technology, and he sees Browzwear as a bridge between his two main interests.

Braden loves working with all of the new technology that he is exposed to through Browzwear. Learning the ins and outs of the software, and tinkering with the Fabric Analyzer and Vizoo imaging box have been a lot of fun for him.

Have you gotten comfortable with our Design in Sizes tool yet? This is one of the tools that we developed especially for all the apparel designers who have struggled to keep costs low while perfecting the scale and positioning of your graphics across all sizes.

Design in Sizes allows you to position your graphics on the 3D virtual garment and then scale and adjust the size and position across multiple sizes in a set. Design in Sizes gives you complete control over the way your graphics are displayed on garments of every size.

To see Design in Sizes in action, check out our short demo video:

For more information, contact us today

On the evening of May 30, more than 300 guests attended our “Inspiring the Digital Revolution” event at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. The hall was filled with amazing energy and ideas as attendees had the opportunity to mingle. We were pleased to welcome some of our ecosystem partners who were able to share their products and tools with everyone in attendance. These partners include Vizoo, Fit3D, Metail, Jeanologia, swatchbook, BeProduct and Kalypso.

Inspiring the Digital Revolution

Throughout the event, attendees also had the opportunity to hear from our special guest speakers. First, we heard from Shaul Cohen, Executive Vice President at Jordache, who shared that 3D is the future of apparel industry and tips for successful 3D integration. Lotta Jurica, Design Director at Adidas, took the stage and brought physical samples of garments she designed in 3D. We were grateful that she showed her design process from sketching and concepting to viewing the garments in 3D. Ada Suneson, VP of Technical Services at PVH, discussed how they are using the software to place graphics, change colorways, and apply patterns. She went on to explain that the 3D garments they create are then used tin virtual showcasing rooms for retail purposes. We also heard from Margarita Pasakarnis, 3D Manager at VF Jeanswear, who showed how she is using 3D to evaluate fit and make design changes. She spoke specifically about using Lotta to design lines on the back pockets of jeans.

Jordache, Adidas, PVH and VF at Browzwear Event

After the presentations, attendees enjoyed the Q&A portion of the event where they were able to have personal conversations with the speakers.

Thank you to everyone who came. We enjoyed hosting you and look forward to seeing you again soon. Check out more of our pictures from the event here. And if you have a moment, we would appreciate your feedback on your experience. We’ve created a short survey to help us make improvements for future events. Please click here to respond.

To be added to our mailing list to receive notifications about upcoming events, please send an email to Hannah at hannah@browzwear-global.com



After much success with our last student intern project, we asked Mylisa Krueger, another one of our interns, to delve into the ins and outs of designing a plus-sized garment from concept to creation using only Browzwear 3D. She chose her garments and got to work.

“I knew that for this project, I wanted to try something that would be a fit challenge, so I chose a garment that I always found the most ill-fitting,” said Mylisa. “Because of my body type, there are usually many fit issues with mass-produced jumpsuits that usually have too low of a waist, or are too long, have too much bust room, or not enough length in the crotch. I was hoping to finally make a jumpsuit that fits me well and is comfortable.”

First, she created a personalized parametric avatar by plugging in her measurements and visually comparing actual photos of herself and the avatar she created in order to perfect the posture and distribution.


Once she created her avatar, she drafted sample base patterns to the parametric measurements and chose the one she liked best to execute in 3D.

She added tested fabric physics and customized her preferred base pattern to the style she liked best and then worked on prototype creation.

sample base patterns

Mylisa prototyped five versions in 3D before printing and sewing it physically. Even though she could see on her screen that the pattern would work well and that it would fit, she was still surprised to see how few changes were needed to perfect the physical garment. Overall, she reported that the design came out great and only required slight alterations once sewn.

3D pattern


“As much as I was hoping to sew up a perfect final version, having only one additional alteration is still amazing!” said Mylisa. “I haven’t found a reason to why the top was a little bit loose, but my guess is that it has to do with the way I shaped the avatar. To get the avatar’s bust to match mine, I had to do some alterations that made the measurement lines curve.”

Results: Easy-to-do with Browzwear 3D

  • See immediate results from a pattern change
  • Test different fabric types for your garment without ever sewing it up
  • 2D and 3D inputs provide continuous feedback on your pattern adaptations
  • Create a parametric avatar (finally, you can be “outside of yourself” when you are the fit model!)
  • Technical maps to show tension of garments

Avatar bust alterations

“There is really nothing better than seeing your garment come together as quickly as you can think it,” she said “Being able to make adjustments without ever having to sew it up cut out so much guess work and time.”

Mylisa Krueger finished product

To see Mylisa’s full project write up, visit her website.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this amazing collaboration between PVH Europe and AMFI. It’s so inspirational to see all of the hard work and results from their wonderfully creative “Product in a Day” challenge. Way to go!

Check out the full video to see how it all came together:

To kick off a creative and productive new year, we are pleased to announce the release of VStitcher 7.9 and Lotta 3.9, which does not require a C2V licensing update. We listened to your feedback and suggestions and have worked hard to incorporate them into this release, where we’ve added several new features and improvements. Check them out and let us know what you think.


  • Realistic Edges for Accurate Fit: Improved accuracy of stitch and workmanship, with more realistic and responsive edges create a better overall effect on the garment look and simulation. This improvement perfects edge details in highly stretched garments like swimwear and underwear, and mimics complex edges of combined hems including elastics, for true-to-life overall garment behavior.
  • Interactive Design in Sizes: We’ve made it faster and more intuitive to work with predefined sizes. You can now define a group of sizes to work on interactively, and then save and share it with your team.
  • 3D Styling:  You can easily make adjustments like pinching pants from multiple points, rotating sleeves, or flattening ruched fabric, or use the persistent pinch tool to lock areas during simulation.
  • Bring Layered Garments to Life: We’ve made multi-layering easier by enabling  you to individually style each layer, hide or reorder layers, control gravity, temporarily disable stitches, and more for the most attractive display.
  • Improved UI and UX including:
    • Clone by offset for internal elements which makes it easier to clone and position buttons, trims, embellishments or any other internal element or line.
    • Relax and stretch option to set edge shrinkage in terms of the relaxed and stretched target values or percentages.
    • Advanced snap capabilities so patterns snap during rotation and snap to intersections of internal elements.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us for a demo or the downloads.












详细了解VStitcher 和 Lotta最新版本中的新功能,在这里查看我们最新发布的博客

如您所知,VStitcher 7.8 和Lotta 3.8 可以让您更加轻松地弥补端对端工作流之间的缺口。此次版本发布中添加的另一个实用功能是创建折叠衬衫可视化图像。为了使设计过程更加完美,各个品牌可以轻松创建折叠衬衫的3D模拟视图,精确展现服装在销售时的外观。

folded shirt closeup


Stacked folded shirts


Multilayered Material

Browzwear团队在 最新版的 Lotta和VStitcher中引入了一些令人惊喜的新功能。其中之一是“多层材料”选项,使您在Browzwear中能够分离或者堆叠多种布料或者缝合纹理进行操作。一旦创建之后,图层可以单独或整体移动、旋转或缩放。


这种新功能能够使您将全身印花图形堆放在底布上,然后单独控制每一层。您在VStitcher 或者Lotta中就可以完全控制全身印花的设计。此外,您还可以设计服装并标记全身印花,所有的技术信息都可以作为Browzwear技术包的组成部分被导出。







详细了解最新版本的VStitcher和Lotta 阅读我们近期的博客

Introducing VStitcher 7.8
Browzwear团队一直致力于提高您的用户体验,在我们的不懈努力下,现在非常开心地宣布推出VStitcher 7.8 和Lotta 3.8。在新版本中,我们增加了几项新功能并做出了一些改进,我们相信您一定会喜欢。




Layered material drag and drop layers



Folded shirt options












Rotation by pivot point







准备好开始了? 联系我们 获得演示或下载文件。

Design flow: From sketch to 3D garment (left) to real (right)设计流程:从零开始到3D服装(左)到实物(右)caption]


最近,我们给俄勒冈州立大学(Oregon State University)在Browzwear的实习生Alyssa Kiriakedis提出了一项挑战,要求她在Browzwear的VStitcher中以自己的身体为基准,创建一个虚拟服装原型并最终与缝制的样品进行对比。她首先根据自己的体尺测量和体形创建了一个模型,然后绘制服装版形,在3D原型中观察并发现合身方面的问题,然后相应地调整她的服装版形。






[caption id="attachment_6496" align="aligncenter" width="1137"] 最终版形和原型



“我尽力按照我的身体尺寸精确创建了模型并且创建了一个与我的模型相符的3D原型;然而,没有实物样品我无法实质上地判断我工作的精确性。” Alyssa说道,“当我接近项目尾声并且制作出我的服装时,我发现它们不仅对我而言很合身,其垂褶也十分接近3D软件中的描绘。

Alyssa说,通过参与此次项目,逐渐树立了她对3D开发流程的信任并使她非常乐于继续尝试3D技术在服装行业的潜在运用可能性。详细了解Alyssa的项目或查看截图和图像,请访问她的 作品网站

Sewn Garment Views with 3D Render





Soft fold温和折叠::  温和折叠将产生非常休闲的视觉效果。可以用于使用休闲罗纹领的波罗衫、夹克衫或使用厚布料或毛绒布料的长袖运动衫或者构造较简单的扣领衬衫(比如花衬衫)。

Example of a soft fold

Sharp Fold尖斜折叠:  尖斜折叠会产生干脆、熨烫的视觉效果。这种折叠设计通常用于正式礼服衬衫和西服外套。

Example of a sharp fold


Normal Fold普通折叠:  介于温和以及尖斜折叠之间,普通折叠线运用非常广泛,会产生刻意的折叠效果但是并无尖斜折叠的正式感。这种折叠可以用于休闲、运动装和正式服装。

Example of a normal fold