Browzwear’s 3D Apparel models combined with Dassault Systèmes’ “My Collection” industry solution experience can accelerate fashion design and development

PI Apparel Berlin, October 10th, 2016: During PI Apparel Berlin, Browzwear will demonstrate how its 3D digital technology together with Dassault Systèmes’ Product Lifecycle Management solutions can streamline the way fashion companies design, develop and manufacture products. The demonstration will show how Browzwear’s 3D Apparel models can be integrated to Dassault Systèmes’ ”My Collection” industry solution experience, a world class PLM solution for fashion, consumer goods and retail companies.
It will also show how apparel designers and developers can leverage managed assets from ”My Collection” and later share finished garments’ Bill of Materials in Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This makes it far simpler and more efficient for fashion designers and developers to make use of available assets, and focus instead on the creative process.
‘My Collection’ was developed with 3D in mind from the very beginning. And with Browzwear 3D and Dassault Systèmes, product teams can share realistic 3D Apparel models and technical specifications from the earliest stages of the development processes to dramatically improve communication and collaboration with a variety of stakeholders of the development stream.
“Visitors at PI Apparel in Berlin will see how the combination of 3D Asset & PLM workflow is enabling leading brands to shorten time to market and enhance creativity while delivering products that reflect the Voice of the Customer,” said Avihay Feld, Chief Product Officer at Browzwear. “Using visually compelling and technically accurate 3D models for apparel from early development extends collaboration with designers, and streamlines manufacturing. It enables companies to meet market requirements and enhance creativity in a way that was not possible with traditional 2D workflows. We are very excited to demonstrate this capability with Dassault Systèmes at the event.”

Browzwear North America is Growing and Welcomes a New Management Team

We’re excited to announce a major expansion of sales, support and services at Browzwear North America.  The US market is rapidly discovering the potential of 3D fashion technology and we are looking forward to helping both our long-term and new customers to transform the way they design, manufacture and market their products.


The new operation will be led by Browzwear’s co-founder Sharon Lim, a veteran in 3D digitization of the apparel workflow. Sharon has been working in the fashion industry for nearly two decades and established our professional services teams in Europe and Asia. She has worked closely with many leading retailers  to implement an end-to-end digital product lifecycle for over 13 years.   With her guidance, our US customers can manage change and ensure a smooth transition to 3D.

Sharon will be joined by Lenny Weiss, VP Sales, and Cara Babcock, Field Application & Product Support Manager. Lenny joins us from our partner Gerber Technology, where he was head of sales for YuniquePLM. During his career selling digital manufacturing solutions to the apparel industry, he gained an in-depth understanding of the product life cycle and came to believe in the  importance of 3D for realizing an end-to-end digital solution. His experience will be a tremendous asset to our customers.

Cara joins us after nearly a decade at Nike, where she served as a Technical Developer and 3D Lead. At Nike she used 3D technology for product creation enhancement in her roles as both a technical developer and 3D lead, so she is ready to collaborate with our customers to understand their requirements.  Cara will be working with Sharon to replicate the success of our professional services teams in Europe and Asia so that our North American customers can also hit the ground running.

After a year and a half at Browzwear, Darioush Nikpour is leaving his position as Vice President of Business Development to move to Digital Supply Chain in the industry.  We wish him all the best in this endeavour, however we look forward to many years of fruitful collaboration with him in his new role.

In addition, we are committed to our growing network of technology partners in the US and to our strategy of opening up our platform to other members of the fashion ecosystem. Together, we can provide greater value to our customers and enable them to fully implement a 3D digital product lifecycle.

Over the next few weeks, we will be following up with posts from Sharon, Cara and Lenny so that you can get to know us better. For more information about Browzwear, please contact us at

We are so excited to bring you Lotta 2.5! We quote a beta user:

I was simply overwhelmed and astouned, what breathtaking work had been going on… The features, the compatibility and the conceptual thinking !!! I must say, some hidden tear was maybe in my eye when I saw it is on it’s way to come to life!

Lotta is the result of partnership with designers & Browzwear and we thank all our beta users who have given us tremendous user experience feedback and inspired our creative team to enhance your 3D design tool.We continue to commit to listening & partnering with designers to enhance designing in 3D.

An overview of Lotta 2.5:

  • Ray Trace and Schematic view rendering options for your creative presentations
  • More design variations with constrained drawing and transformation
  • Improved User Experience including new transformation gizmo
  • Multiple bugs fixed…

To learn more about Lotta, contact us!


We are proud to present vStitcher 6.9 – the fruit of many months of intense, innovative development! By far the most advanced, fastest and effective vStitcher software we have launched to-date.

We have been concentrating on core simulation, making it more accurate and true to life and at the same time incorporated improvements to bring more unprecedented benefits to you.

6.9 benefits in a nutshell:

  • Better looking 3D garments. Thanks to better draping, we’ve eliminated cloth collision and improved color management
  • Faster garment creation.
  • Eased simulation that shows Simulation-in-motion.
  • Avatar improvements. Long awaited poses for merchandising and fitting is now possible!
  • Smoother, faster and more effective 3D visualization for adding/subtracting 2D patterns.
  • See amazing results in virtual fitting!
There is more…

vStitcher 6.9 is compatible with the latest Lotta 2.0 release. It has built-in tools to edit and complete styles designed with Lotta, seamlessly integrating digital designs with physical production.

vStitcher 6.9 is currently in a Release Candidate phase, being tested by a select group of users. If you have a valid license and are interested in taking vStitcher 6.9 out for a test spin, just send request and we will send you an invitation. Send us your feedback on it so we can make it a better software.

Disclaimer: As there are limited number of invitations for trial, we ask that you not be disappointed if you did not receive an invitation.

The official release of vStitcher 6.9 is planned to be in February 2015. We are extremely excited about it and we look forward to hearing from you.

Finally after a long journey (11 months to be exact), we are proud to announce Lotta 2.0 – the first Browzwear application developed for Mac OS.

Lotta 2.0 is a giant step forward in the process of adopting 3D design in the apparel industry.
This is what you all have been asking and waiting for and we are so excited that it’s finally here.

In addition to it being a native Mac OS application, Lotta 2.0 also comes with a long list of improvements which makes it an ideal tool for designers. In a nutshell, we have incorporated the bulk of designers’ feedback in improving user experience, performance and speed. Lotta 2.0’s revamped color management, new shaders and it being retina ready makes it a highly desirable top-end quality real time visualization tool.

Lotta 2.0 is currently in a Release Candidate Phase, being tested by a select group of users. If you are interested in taking Lotta 2.0 out for a test spin, just send request and we will send you an invitation. Send us your feedback on it so we can make it a better software.

Disclaimer: As there are limited number of invitations for trial, we ask that you not be disappointed if you did not receive an invitation.

The official release of Lotta 2.0 window and Mac OS is planned to be in February 2015. We are extremely excited about it and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Browzwear Solutions hereby announces its decision to end the global distributorship by Gerber Technology.
Effective from September 18, 2014.

Change ahead
Staying committed to our missions and values, the Browzwear team will continue to deliver innovative suites of products and services to our customers to help them gain success in their markets. As part of this, we will further grow and develop the global network of reliable and knowledgeable partners-reseller, to serve you better.

The Browzwear team is committed to provide our customers with a seamless transition.
For further questions in relation to this announcement or to Sales/Support of Browzwear suite of product, please contact us on email at: or

Or you may contact us at: +65 6338 4005

Please also contact us on our website via contact form or to so we may channel you to our list of distributor/reseller partners in your country.

We look forward to serving you better!


Browzwear welcomes Darioush Nikpour as its EVP of Operations, North America.


3D fashion technology company Browzwear has appointed Darioush Nikpour as Executive Vice-President for its North America operations.

Darioush is the co-founder of Yunique PLM which was later acquired by Gerber Technology. His friendship with Browzwear goes back to his days with Yunique PLM as both co-operated to showcase 3D garments in PLM.

Darioush brings to Browzwear a wealth of experience in product life management in the fashion industry. His approach to people, process and technology has helped many multi-billion dollars retailers and manufacturers tackle complex pre-production challenges.

Having Darioush onboard Browzwear’s North America operations shows our commitment to our clients there. More importantly, his experience in the fashion industry will help Browzwear continue to develop effective and innovative solutions.

New Virtual AlvaForm from Alvanon work with Browzwear’s proven 3D solutions to deliver exceptional results for global fashion brands and retailers

Physical vs Virtual

Press Release | Browzwear, creator of “Real to Life” 3D fashion design and development solutions, employ Alvanon Inc.’s new Virtual AlvaForm to help designers, brands and retailers achieve 100% accurate digital or virtual counterparts of physical Alvanon AlvaForms. The Alvanon virtual avatars, based on real body shapes, supplement existing physical tools and can be used throughout every function of the supply chain, from 3D design to fitting and merchandising, using multiple poses as well as dynamic simulation for animation.

Browzwear has been a long time collaborator with Alvanon, the world’s leading provider of full service, integrated fit solutions for the apparel industry. Together with Alvanon, Browzwear strives for greater accuracy and True To Life fit along with photorealistic showcase quality in infinite posture and styling options for merchandising. Drag & drop, that’s all it takes!

“At Browzwear, we are excited about the Virtual AlvaForms, as they ensure an even more realistic and enriching experience for fashion brands,” says Sharon Lim, managing director of Browzwear. Brands can accelerate time to market and re-energize the creative design process by using easy-to-adopt 3D fashion design solutions and the Virtual AlvaForms.

“Both Browzwear and Alvanon share a passion to continuously innovate and effect a positive paradigm shift for the fashion industry by leveraging the benefits of 3D technology as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.”

Since late 2007, both companies, together with leading brands, have pioneered the use of 3D technology to bring about accurate fit standards from product design through to product development.

We have been listening to you, fixing and improving.

We want to thank everyone for all the interactions in 2013 which have allowed us to create better solutions for you.
For the last 10 years, 3d remains pretty much a technical tool used by technical developers for Efficient & Productive apparel development.
In the front end, there is a growing demand for 3d apparel for use in E-commerce, marketing & digital cataloging, fueled by smart devices & greater visualization technology such as 3d printing etc…
3D virtual model challenges reality… It’s been exciting for us to pioneer & grow with the industry these last 13 years.

A designer said this (early 2012) which stuck to us

“ I would love to have a solution that can take what’s on my head and make it real so others can see it”

and with that quote, we went away inspired to create a 3d design tool (Lotta) for designers which we hope will accomplish this challenging goal.

Evolving Fast
We are a distance away from the above quote but in Lotta (We name it after an inspiring designer) we developed a solution with creativity & fun in mind.
Lotta’s seamless integration with Adobe applications (most used by designers) allows designers a familiar user experience to create 3D.
Lotta 1.0 launched in Dec of 2013, was created with the help of innovative apparel designers and we are evolving fast, Lotta 1.1 is already here.
In V-Stitcher 6.6, we took inspiration to reality by making the 3D design from Lotta compatible with V-Stitcher so that creative 3d design can be interpreted immediately for technical product development…. So with fun & creativity, we added efficiency & productivity.

Coming Soon…
There’s a new birth in Browzwear. Stay tuned as we will notify you when our baby is delivered.
Meantime, we invite you to our social pages and the team would love to hear from you there, Especially when you “like” us, it really fuels us.

find us on facebook

We are excited to introduce Vstitcher 6.5!

Only sixmonths have passed since our last major VS 6.0 release and we are ready to introduce another giant step forward with VS 6.5.

VStitcher 6.5 is: More, Better, Faster!!!

MORE means new garment categories,thanks to the new puffy fabric simulation, and even
more garment types using our new 3D rigid trims.
More is also about a whole new selection of extreme poses within imported Avatars, made possible with our auto‐bones detection algorithm.

BETTER means dramatically improved realism achieved with Image Based Lighting‐HDRi, plus the use of real 3D objects such as buttons, buckles,zippers, etc.

FASTER means 30% less time to create or modify a 3D garment, thanks to 3 key improvements – UI, Snapshots and Simulation Optimization.
We have managed to add lots of new and necessary functions to VS 6.5 and at the same time simplify the UI – an extremely challenging mission, no doubt, but that should come as no
surprise to you, after 6.0. A good user experience is with in the culture of Browzwear!
We are true believers in great technology but even more so in intuitive, easy to use and fun interface.

Many other new features and improvements in VS 6.5 awaits you so do take the time to get acquainted with them through this bulletin. Sign up for our upcoming webinars where we’ll take you on a guided tutorial on specific functions that interests you.

Wait, there is more – Communication!
We have added a communication module which enables you to seamlessly communicate your rich 3D results achieved through VS 6.5 with anyone anywhere.
This is still on trial but we encourage you to try it out now. Just follow the ‘Share’ button in VS 6.5.

We hope you will find VS 6.5 to be more intuitively effective and most importantly, FUN.

Aren’t they gorgeous ?…

Browzwear Avatar

In 6.5 we have come up with a mannequin ‘look’ to enhance the Avatar usage for marketing and merchandising purposes.
We hope this will help you present your garments in the most appealing surroundings

Watch this space, VStitcher 6.5 is coming this week to a PC near you!


经过我们的调查,网站的注册人是Wang Xiao Lin。之前的调查也显示他也是Leo Wang.

这家公司的网站的科技信息或是客人信息也是有一些虚假与误导性质的。 有些客人也已经向他们发出警告要他们删除。
Browzwear 和 Pragma公司跟这家公司没有任何的交易或协议,并且因为商品注册违法了我们的国际商品注册在先所以我们也已经在中国的商品局里注册了我们的反对。

他们所销售的绝软件不是Browzwear 公司的产品而且不是我们的科技。