How to Virtually Design Your Own Clothes

Have you ever dreamed of wearing one-of-a-kind clothes that truly reflect your inner self? Garments that physically match the image you have in your mind? Have you looked for technological solutions that would help you showcase your talent in fashion design? Solutions that would allow you to spend more time exploring where your creativity takes you?

With Browzwear’s technologically advanced, user-friendly fashion design solutions, your dreams can now come true!

Browzwear’s virtual 3D fashion software 

Browzwear is continuing to lead the virtual fashion design revolution. With its latest edition of VStitcher and Lotta software, you now have highly sophisticated yet easy-to-use tools at your fingertips, to help you virtually design your own clothes. What has taken you hours to do in the past, will now take minutes!

These are the main technologically advanced features that we have developed for you, the virtual fashion designer:

Intuitive interfaces

  • Jump in! In no time at all, you’ll feel like a pro. Our intuitive interfaces will guide you through the 3D clothing design process, smoothly taking you from one step to the next, until you see your finished garment on the screen, exactly as you envisioned it.

Materials library 

  • Select a material from an existing library that is rich with options, and change the material at a click of a button until you find the one you’re happiest with. To help you make the optimal choice, the library includes comprehensive information on each material, also specifying its physical properties. 
  • As you progress, you can also create and add your own library for easy access in the future.

Adding trims and artworks 

  • Select trims and add artworks, and position them on the garment by simply dragging and dropping them where they are the most flattering. 
  • You can group your artworks and trims to move them all together, while still retaining the ability to interact with each one separately, if you wish; for example, to scale one or more, but not others.

360° 3D view

  • The garment you are designing is viewed in a window on your screen in 3D, and can be displayed from any angle you choose.
  • The 3D view also allows viewing the draping of the different materials, to help you select the one that works best for you.

True-to-life rendering

  • Browzwear takes rendering to a new level with its exceptionally realistic visualization of velvet, metallic, glitter, PVC and other materials. It enables you to perfectly match the garment you see on the screen to the image in your mind. How cool is that!

Real-time viewing

  • Any change in the selection of materials, seams, artworks, etc., and any alteration you make, appears on your screen instantaneously, allowing you to continue designing without wasting precious time.

Achieving optimal fit

  • The combination of all the advanced features ensures that achieving optimal fit is clicks away. When selecting the right material, artwork, trims and all other elements, and with a 3D view of the garment throughout the design process, you can’t miss!
  • Browzwear software does even more! For example, you can check if a sleeve is at the appropriate length by viewing it not only on a straight arm, but also when the elbow is bent. 

Colorways workspace

  • In this dedicated workspace, you can now create, manage and adjust colorways effortlessly and quickly. Changes that you make – whether in materials, physical properties, trims or other parameters – are updated at a click in other colorways you are working on.

Creating a virtual catalog

  • With Browzwear’s VStitcher and Lotta virtual 3D fashion software with enhanced visualization and multiple state-of-the-art features, creating a virtual catalog of your self-designed fashion is a breeze!

Creating patterns

  • Creating patterns the old way – manually – is such a drag… so you’ll be happy to find that with Browzwear software this task is now also much easier and less time consuming!

Now is the time to let your imagination run free, to tap into your inner creativity and sources of inspiration, and translate your vision into reality. With Browzwear’s trailblazing software, virtually creating unique fashion and displaying your talent for the world to see has never been easier and more enjoyable!