• Do you spend countless hours on blending elements, aiming for a seamless look that is simply unattainable with the tools available to you? 
  • Do you find that transitioning back and forth between Photoshop and VStitcher / Lotta, again and again and again, disrupts your creative flow? 
  • Do you feel that technical limitations are cramping your artistic vision?

Browzwear’s trailblazing technology is pushing the envelope of digital fashion design yet again. Its new August edition of VStitcher and Lotta includes a revolutionary new feature: use lower layer maps, for flawless blending at a click of a mouse. And what’s more, the result is a genuinely true-to-life look!

Browzwear’s one-of-a-kind blending tool includes ‘overlay’ and ‘multiply’ options, in addition to the traditional ‘transparency’ mode, to enable you to easily create a garment with superior blending. With this amazing new tool, you’ll be able to apply the ‘wash’ effect on jeans, logos on knitwear, etc., with seamless integration of the artwork into the material of your choice. 

Simply check the use lower layer maps checkbox to inherit the lower level maps information as you edit your garment exclusively in VStitcher and Lotta, in one continuous, user-friendly and time-saving workflow. The inherited information will be applied to your 3D design, and the artwork will appear on your screen perfectly blended into the material with its innate properties fully on display – velvet with its characteristic shine, leather with its granular texture, etc. The 3D image on your screen will literally blow you away!  

But the good news doesn’t end there! Browzwear has developed use lower layer maps as a ‘live’ feature so that the inherited information will automatically be applied to any change you make as you continue your design process in VStitcher and Lotta.

The future of blending is here! It’s time to let your creative juices flow, unimpeded by outdated technology!

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