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4 Top Strategies to Accelerate Your Digital Roadmap


3D at the Heart of Digital Transformation

3D technology stands at the core of the apparel industry’s long-awaited digital transformation, and despite the initial reluctance, an increasing number of apparel businesses are moving at full speed ahead in onboarding their workforce to 3D to remain competitive in such a fast-evolving market. According to the McKinsey State of fashion report 22, more than 60% of fashion executives believe creating integrated digital processes throughout their organizations will be among their top five areas for digitization as they look to 2025.

In short, clothing design software gives apparel creatives the power to build garments in 3D and create digital twins of physical garments. These digital twins provide an accurate representation of both fit and visual aesthetics. With this method, garments can go from concept to consumer quicker and more cost-effectively than with traditional workflows. In fact, according to further research conducted by McKinsey shows that 83% of respondents believe companies will use virtual samples more often than physical samples by 2025 Digital apparel design unlocks advantages to apparel companies that simply can’t be found in conventional workflows. But, in order to truly take advantage of these benefits, your 3D apparel solution must contain all the tools you need.

While it may be simple to acknowledge the revolutionary role that digital technologies play in the modern fashion world, the challenge is comprehending the value that such technology can bring. Although shifting to new ways of working may seem daunting at first, Browzwear ensures that its users are fully equipped with extensive learning programs in order to upskill from within, top-notch 3D consultants to assist in the process, as well as all the necessary supporting technology to successfully and strategically embed 3D within your organization.


Upskill from Within

When adopting a new technology into your organization, upskilling your existing workforce is key to creating a well-rounded team and boosting its effectiveness. Therefore, it’s essential that those who will be working directly with the digital fashion design software have all the necessary tools for a smooth onboarding process. Browzwear University provides new users with an accessible, approachable, and on-demand learning platform that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

The platform is divided into several in-depth courses that enable users to gradually progress from beginner to advanced level in Browzwear’s clothing design software, VStitcher. Starting off with the basic features and functions of pattern shape basics before reaching more complex aspects of garment construction, including photorealistic rendering and creating engaging animations.

Throughout each course, valuable tips and tricks are provided along with several interactive quizzes and video tutorials to help users master the skills to become accomplished VStitcher users.

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Incorporate External Expertise

If you’re looking for additional expert guidance and talent to speed up and scale up your digital transformation journey while making sure you’re headed in the right direction, Browzwear’s Professional Guild, are ready to take on any challenge.

The guild consists of 3D-savvy apparel creatives of all expertise, from apparel designers to pattern makers, and gives apparel brands the opportunity to quickly connect and collaborate with 3D apparel experts across the globe. Many of our guild members have worked for some of the world’s most influential apparel brands, and with extensive knowledge in Browzwear’s 3D fashion design software, will be able to provide invaluable knowledge based on their industry experience.

All the guild members have been vetted by the Browzwear team and can be contacted directly by Browzwear customers through the Guild portfolio page , where you can view each members profile.

About Browzwear’s Professional Guild

Collaborate with Your Supply Chain

Many of today’s apparel organizations face supply chain bottlenecks, resulting in collection days and rising production costs. That’s why there’s no better time than now to start thinking about creating and solidifying a transparent, collaborative, and well-functioning supply chain.

Whereas traditionally, apparel brands and garment production companies typically existed as separate entities, with the rapid uptake of digital technology, the two are working towards connecting their multiple standalone systems in order to facilitate faster and more fluid communication, as well as shortening the apparel calendar.

Browzwear’s growing network of apparel manufacturers and production companies that utilize VStitcher enables apparel brands to take advantage of an all-digital workflow, from design all the way through to production. In fact, the recently launched Production Guild brings this concept into reality by enabling avid 3D apparel production companies to connect with apparel brands that leverage Browzwear’s suite of 3D solutions. By doing so, such organizations can effectively join forces to create a faster, more efficient, and certainly less wasteful product lifecycle.

About the Production Guild

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Bolster Up with Supporting Technology

Last, but certainly not least is the concept of creating a ‘digital pipeline.’ So, what does that really mean? Well, now that you’ve got your digital apparel workflow set up and well-functioning, the possibilities are endless. Browzwear’s ever-expanding digital ecosystem of leading global technology partners , or as we call it, t he Open Platform . Through the Open Platform, innovative technology companies can rapidly integrate their products with Browzwear’s 3D clothing software, bringing users a complete solution or ‘end-to-end’ digital apparel workflow from ideation to selling. What is this supporting technology? You may ask. Browzwear digital ecosystem includes a combination of cutting-edge VR and AR solutions such as VNTANA and ByondXR, through to PLM systems and next generation rendering platforms.

One example is EcoShot by Metail , one Browzwear’s longstanding partners that enable users to leverage garment-on-model photography, and essentially present their 3D garments on real people as opposed to ghost images or avatars. Not only is this a great tool for the initial garment design and line approval, but especially considering the continuous impact of Covid, many apparel organizations utilize this integration for eCommerce selling, without having to conduct costly and time-consuming photoshoots.

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