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Introducing Browzwear University


As the epidemic surges, most people have been forced to work from home, pushing apparel companies closer to full-fledged adoption of technology. For many of these companies, it has become clear that accelerating their digital transformation is, in fact, the only way forward. Recently, Sharon Lim, Browzwear’s Co-Founder and CEO noted that “This current slow down is the best time to take what’s proven and expand it to more parts of the business. Companies that have invested in valuable digital skills should know that this is the time to fuel their HR assets to train and equip the entire ship”.

The transition to digital involves the implementation of 3D workflows, as well as onboarding existing employees to create a digitally skilled workforce. To support companies to go full speed ahead in their digital transformation, we’re excited to have launched Browzwear University , our e-learning platform.

With Browzwear University, apparel companies can expand the influence of 3D within their organization and level up their personnel from anywhere at any time, while still being able to track each student’s progress. By adapting our field training experience to an online platform, a wider scope of individuals who may have previously lacked access to 3D resources can now effectively skill-up on all things digital without any limitations on time or location.

3D Apparel Design at Your Fingertips

3D fashion design tools To optimize the learning process, Browzwear University provides all the resources and materials needed to onboard VStitcher , and entirely at your own pace. Although we initially developed the curriculum to enroll new users, we encourage our existing software users to leverage the university as and when needed, to brush up on their digital skills, or simply refresh their knowledge.

The program is arranged into courses, starting with 3D fashion design tool, VStitcher 101 and gradually moves from beginner to advanced user level. These cover each aspect of VStitcher, from basic features and functions, garment creation and rendering, to digital workflows, giving members a broad understanding.

fashion design software

Throughout each course, our team will provide useful tips and tricks along with some interactive quizzes and video tutorials to help master the skills to become a VStitcher user. Additionally, progress analytics can be accessible to companies onboarding employees so that they can track the level of expertise amongst their team as they go. Upon completing each course level, the user will receive an official Certification of Completion from Browzwear to download or/and to share directly on Linkedin.

Achieve Your Creative Potential

As we get ready to launch the September VStitcher 201 course, we’ll continuously review and evolve the platform to shape the curriculum according to the needs of its members. We are very much looking forward to seeing apparel brands grow the influence of 3D apparel by onboarding more talented individuals and gearing up their teams to achieve their creative potential. We’re also excited to see the members of our Indie program making their way through Browzwear University, learning 3D apparel as they adapt to the changing fashion industry and injecting passion and creativity to their work.

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