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Bringing Fit Accuracy and Precision to the Online Shopping Experience


In a new era of eCommerce, online retailers have seen a rising level of demand by consumers for a more personalized and customizable shopping experience. This has opened windows of opportunity for different companies to launch virtual fitting rooms and various other solutions with the aim to enable consumers to confidently purchase clothes online, without having to worry about the garments not fitting upon arrival. However, when it comes to accuracy, it has become evident that despite many attempts, this concept is rather difficult to achieve when catering to such a broad audience. Naturally, the idea of virtual fittings has often been received by consumers with a high level of skepticism.

The partnership between Browzwear and meepl was established to address the needs of both retailers and brands selling online to tailor to their consumer’s demands and enhance the online consumer experience as well as solidify buyer confidence.

meepl’s technology brings a fresh approach to virtual fittings through their advanced algorithm that works to combine the retailer’s 3D garment database with the exact body measurements of the user. Through machine learning and 3D body scanning, the garment can be adapted and fitted in a matter of milliseconds, creating an interactive visual fit experience.

By seamlessly integrating meepl with VStitcher, garments can be made-to-measure with a true-to-life level of precision. As accuracy is key, meepl utilizes Browzwear’s simulation results that are then extracted from VStitcher, ensuring that the garments will be an exact representation of the physical version. It is crucial to be able to visualize exactly how the materials used will stretch and drape over different body shapes and sizes to avoid any fit errors that could typically occur throughout the process.

With the consumer in mind, after their measurements are recorded via a user-friendly app, any eCommerce website that uses meepl, will automatically load the exact sizing to the fit of the garments, without having to re-input measurements. This way, any outfit can be seen on a 3D avatar that is an exact representation of the customer’s size.

By having an accurately fitted personal avatar, consumers can take advantage of a personalized online shopping experience as an alternative to visiting the physical store. In fact, considering recent global circumstances, this has shown to be an increasingly significant tool for both brands, retailers and consumers.

Several brands and retailers that develop their apparel with Browzwear that have begun the POC with meepl have experienced positive results, and will soon bring the customer-facing solution to their eCommerce platforms.

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