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Browzwear and Fashion Snoops Collaboration


First-of-its kind integration enables faster creation of on-trend designs with ready-to-use 3D models of women’s must-haves for Fall/Winter 22/23

New York, NY – November 18, 2021

Browzwear, a pioneer of 3D digital solutions for the fashion industry, and Fashion Snoops, a global trend forecasting agency serving apparel brands, retailers and manufacturers, today announced a partnership that will streamline the creation and showcasing of designs based on top trends for the upcoming season in true-to-life 3D. The partnership brings together the core competencies of the two companies, which share a number of customers, to drive efficiencies throughout processes from concept to commerce.

The partnership will integrate ready-to-use 3D blocks representing the key styles forecasted by Fashion Snoops into Browzwear’s library, giving designers the head start in creating successful fashion lines, and enabling them to immediately create endless unique iterations without first building the base garment in 3D. This collaboration will greatly accelerate the design process, while also streamlining workflows and eliminating the need for physical samples. Additionally, companies can leverage Browzwear’s true-to-life renderings instead of physical products during the sales cycle, further reducing waste and cost, increasing speed to market, and giving the opportunity to better align production with demand.

The first series of styles to be integrated with Browzwear will be the Ten Women’s Emerging Must-Haves for FW 22/23. Designers already using Browzwear can access the ready-made blocks directly from a new cloud-based library called “Fashion Trends.” Browzwear users will also receive access to Fashion Snoops’ trend intelligence report for each item as well as alternative design updates to inspire creative customization for each look.

The 3D files will also be available for download from the Fashion Snoops members platform, and for their customers not already using Browzwear, the two companies will offer a three-month trial of the software with educational support, reducing the learning curve for new 3D adoptees and giving a no-risk opportunity to experience the platform’s power.

“Fashion Snoops’ goal is to give fashion companies the tools they need to succeed. Knowing the ‘it’ styles for the next season is part of that, and we’re now able to introduce our customers to new ways of working more efficiently,” said Lilly Berelovich, Co-founder, President and CCO of Fashion Snoops. “By partnering with Browzwear, we are bringing to our customers the technology that is powering the future of our industry and making it more sustainable.”

“Partnering with Fashion Snoops allows us to communicate more deeply with our customers and bring the benefits of Fashion Snoops directly into the new world of 3D prototyping,” said Avihay Feld, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Browzwear. “With that 3D prototype, the entire decision-making process can be carried out there and then. Meaning, the entire end-to-end cycle time is shortened dramatically, including the trend prediction within it.”


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